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31st January 2020 0

Podcast Episode 73: Tony Dolan From Venom Inc And Andy Plikington of Very Metal Art

By Howard 'H' Smith

The first Bollocast of 2020 is here and H chats with two old friends. First up is Ex Venom/Atomkraft and current Venom Inc frontman and bassist Tony Dolan. They get...

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8th February 2020 0

APF Records – Barbarian Hermit, Battalions and Red Eye Revival – Gorilla Studios, Hull.

By Donk

As a musician there are many things that stand out as ‘firsts.’ First instrument bought. First rehearsal. First song wrote. First gig. For me in my old band, our first gig was one that I will remember for many years....

3rd February 2020 0

Five Finger Death Punch. Wembley Arena, London. (31/01/20).

By Dan Peeke

Five Finger Death Punch have come a long way. They’re the only band (I think) that I can truly claim...

25th January 2020 0

Clutch – Leeds O2 – 18 December 2019

By Donk

Firstly, I want to apologize to Clutch, PR and AATR for taking my sweet ass time to write this review....

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27th February 2020 0

TESTAMENT | Band release second Titans Of Creation video trailer: Steve in his Element (Earth)

By John Deaux

The time has arrived for legendary Bay Area thrash metal...