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Absorbed – Reverie (Compilation)

Written by Frank Rini

Absorbed were a Spanish technical death metal band that were around in the mid 90’s, releasing a bunch of demos/splits etc… over that time period.  They were not a blast beat tech death metal band, but more of the jazz fusion variety.  Think Cynic, Pestilences’ Spheres album, Watchtower & some Atheist.  Really some exceptional musicanshio.  This double disc reissue compiles Absorbe’s entire musical output and everything has been remastered.  The sound is stunning and disc 1 opens with their unreleased Reverie album, which is the highlight of the compilation.  Unreal technical playing and beautiful bass twanging.  Off World Endeavor has some killer double bass and nice catchy guitar riffs.  Vocals are actually similar to vintage Fleshcrawl.  The 3.21 part has a very spacey feel to it with some amazing guitar effects.  Towards Summer We Soar has amazing bass lines that are really bad ass, combined with some amazing technical drumming.  Outstanding double bass that eventually picks up some speed.  Huge Pestilence Spheres influence and the 3.23 part is exceptional.  Beautiful rhythm section and solo.  This part also screams Watchtower with its progressive elements. All the demos/splits/live parts on the rest of this comp are incredible.  The remaster does an exceptional job and tries to reduce as much hiss as possible on the earlier recordings.

The layout is outstanding with a beautiful cover that transports you to some Lovecraftian swamp and a multi paneled booklet that has band flyers, the original release covers, pictures and a truly incredible updated interview that sheds light on Absorbed and their history.  This was one band that was locked away in the vaults that unfortunately never really received recognition outside their homeland, until now.  Xtreem Music has done a wonderful job in bringing this band to light and I urge you to check this out if you like this type of music.  Killer reissue!

Score: 10 out of 10
AATR Approved



Absorbed - ReverieALBUM INFO

Album: REVERIE (Compilation)
Record Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date:  July 2013
Band Website: 


Track Listing: CD 1

  1. Off World Endeavor
  2. Towards Summer We Soar
  3. Contact
  4. Disgust and Hate (Calhoun Conquer cover)
  5. Quantum Leap
  6. World Eneaded World
  7. Source of the Spice
  8. Quantum Leap (alt. version)
  9. Cosmos (World Eneaded World alt. version)
  10. Source of the Spice (alt. version)
  11. Preposterous Nitty Gritty
  12. Empatic Endeavour
  13. Towards Summer We Soar
  14. Outerdimensional Deployment


Track Listing: CD 2

  1. Int(r)o – The Depths of Nowhere
  2. Cybernetical Existence
  3. Abstract Absurdity
  4. Nigrum (In Candida Vertunt)
  5. Intro
  6. Mournful Chronicles instrumental
  7. Global Surgery
  8. The Soul Ways
  9. Engulfed
  10. Outro
  11. Empatic Endeavour
  12. Preposterous Nitty Gritty
  13. Source of the Spice
  14. Outerdimensional Deployment
  15. Towards Summer We Soar
  16. Trapped in a Lifetime
  17. The Soul Ways

Tracks 1-10: “Reverie” (unreleased album ’96)
Tracks 11-14: tracks from “Avowals” (split CD ’94)

Tracks 1-4: “Abstract Absurdity” (unreleased 7” EP ’92)
Tracks 5-10: “Unreal Overflows” (demo ’92)
Tracks 11-15: “Chronogical Turbulence” (live ’96)
Tracks 16-17: “Rehearsal Promo ’91” (demo ’91)

For fans of:  Cynic/Pestilence/Watchtower

Standout Tracks: Entire Compilation



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