Acid Reign – The Man Who Became Himself Single Review

Acid Reign – The Man Who Became Himself Single Review

19th March 2017 0 By Craig

Undoubtedly the most exciting of the “UK Big 4”, Acid Reign are back with another new song from their ‘rebooted’ line-up. The predecessor  single “Plan of the Damned” went down an absolute treat with fans – myself included. I remember telling front man H that POTD, in my opinion, was the best song Acid Reign had ever released. The big question now though is whether or not “The Man Who Became Himself” can follow up on the success of POTD?


The song opens up with a nice chuggy guitar riff then Marc Jackson’s precise drums enter the scene before the unmistakable sound of H‘s voice comes into the sound sounding like one angry bastard. This is one catchy song with so many dimensions to it and also includes an old school Metallicaesque guitar solo about 3/4’s of the way into it. The song is just over four and a half minutes of none stop, old school showing the new school how to Thrash properly and is a testament as to why Acid Reign are rightfully classed as one of the “UK Big 4”, but I swear that is the quickest four and a half minutes ever.

So, we now have two new amazing Acid Reign songs. Fans loved POTD live and TMWBH will undoubtedly be just as much, if not more, a crowd favourite also. I know there is a lot of fan demand for a new Acid Reign album, no doubt there will be one in good time, however, for now just go to the Acid Reign website or their Bandcamp page when the song is released on 24th March and buy this new song – I promise you will not be disappointed, however, it is only available digitally – if you want to know why that may be then H quite openly tells everyone on his Talking Bollocks podcasts. 

Score: 9 out of 10


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