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Join the staff of All About The Rock. We are looking for people worldwide with diverse tastes and an open mind, we are looking for metal fans who enjoy writing and who are reliable enough to produce reviews when albums have been allocated to them. 

As an album reviewer we will send you digital downloads/streams of albums or CDs for review and you are also expected to source your own albums for review. You must be reliable enough to produce reviews when albums have been allocated to you and each review must be your own writing (except when using quotes from band members etc).  

As an interviewer we expect high quality interviews, you will source your own interviews as well as be offered interviews that we have received an invitation for. Your interviews must not be disrespectful in any way.

As a journalist we expect you to “scour the internet” for relevant material to add to the site. All content must be unique to all other sites in that with the exception of quotes it must all be your own writing.

All staff members for the above roles are encouraged to contribute with other areas such as album reviews, band interviews, concert reviews, and other content.

If you are interested in joining the team for any (or all) of the above roles then please complete the short form below.

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Hi, I'm Craig and I am the Editor in Chief of this fine website. I am also a family man, an animal lover, I have a very big interest in the paranormal & cryptozoology and I love reading about conspiracy theories.