Amon :: Liar In Wait (Review)

Amon :: Liar In Wait (Review)

3rd July 2013 1 By Frank Rini

Band: Amon
Album: Liar in Wait
Record Label: Unsigned/Self Released
Release Date: 1/1/13
Reviewed By: Frank Rini 6/16/13

Track Listing:
1. Among Us
2. Eye of the Infinite
3. Lash Thy Tongue and Vomit Lies
4. Liar in Wait
5. Reaching for Flesh
6. Semblance of Man
7. Sentience and Sapience
8. Spat Forth from the Darkness
9. Wraith of Gaia

For fans of: Deicide/Morbid Angel/Floridian Death Metal

Standout Tracks: Among Us/Liar in Wait/Semblance of Man

This was originally issued last May, however was only officially released in physical form the beginning of 2013. Once Eric and Brian Hoffman were let go from Deicide in 2005, they reformed Amon in 2007, which was the name of Pre-Deicide.

Through trials and tribulations and getting a band together and not seeing much coverage of this album and only hearing 2 songs on the computer, I was like how does this album stack up vs Deicide? My official answer, it stacks up an up and up and up…BRUTAL, this album fuckin destroys!

Now I still like Deicide and they have released good albums, post Hoffman brothers, however the one thing that I feel missing from Deicide has been their evil sound. Well Amon brings that big. Think a marrying of the first self titled Deicide album with the last one the Hoffman brothers were on in 2004, Scars of the Crucifix.

The album opens up with the outstanding Among Us, which brings the evilness in ten fold, with blasting drums and some killer guitar work.

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The guitars are the show of this album as Brian and Eric show, what I feel, is their best soloing to date, by far. I noticed some James Murphy, circa Obituary feel to the solos, at times really melodic, at other times, high intensity fretboard work that is phenomenal. I can go on and on about how amazing the guitars sound on this, but it will just bore you to death, you get the

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point, guitars are key to this album.

The drumming, from Mike Petrak, are pummeling and the album predominantly stays fast and blasting for much of the album and the use of double bass is excellent, and the drum rolls on Among Us, before the slower parts are an intense build-up. Vocals from Jechael are standard low and powerful, with some layering that sound like Glen Benton at times, but no less killer.

For being self financed the production is great, a few drawbacks though. The highlights of course are the guitars and their sound, as well as the vocals coming through nice in the mix. Double bass and snare sound great as well. At times the cymbals sound very far away in the mix and a little off sounding on the crash sound. The bass guitar, well it’s not really audible in the mix, it’s a shame, it would have added a little more depth to the overall brutality.

The packaging is well done and I love the cover, actually there are 2 covers, one from Amazon which has like a Demonic Pope presiding over the masses, with God looking down from the heavens-very well done. And then you have the cd release cover, which is a demonic clawed tentacled/lovecraftian beast ready to rip you to pieces if you have not purchased this album. I am looking forward to what Amon does on future releases, for now get this awesome album.

Buy or Die!

Score: 9.0 out of 10
AATR Approved