Annisokay – The lucid dream(er) Album Review

Annisokay – The lucid dream(er) Album Review

29th May 2014 0 By David Palombi

I admit, when I get album of post- hardcore / crossover bands, with suspicious outfits very young members I always have the fear of being in front of groups artfully constructed to make some majors at the expense of kids. This time, however, I get the CD directly from the SPV/Steamhammer and the growing fear that a label that I have always admired could have been mistaken.

How wrong was I!

The lucid dream(er) the new album from German band Annisokay (already known for having proposed a cover of Wrecking Ball with hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube) is an album of impressive power and although the post-hardcore is not exactly my favorite genre this band was able to convince me by proposing an LP direct and in your face.

The platter is well played and arranged in an harmonious and organic way. The riffs are effective in that they are more aggressive, but the band also surprised me positively in their acoustic moments. Although the compositions pay the homage to the great American bands, the band knows how to entertain the listener by offering a powerful platter with a central short break that allows you to draw breath: Who am I. The two vocalists come together perfectly in the songs alternating screaming with clean vocals, the bass and drums build a powerful rhythmic carpet to allow the riffing to give their best. There is also excellent electronic inserts that peek out here and there on the disk.

Overall, the sound of Annisokay is more American over their European accomplices with a very good production and detailed mixing. In addition to a perfect mastering which added a considerable amount of power to the final result.

The lucid dream(er) which will be available from June 2nd is a very interesting LP and Annisokay, currently leaving for a tour in Germany is a band to keep an eye on.

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved



Track List:

1. The Final Round
2. Sky
3. Anniversary
4. Firewalk
5. Monstercrazy
6. Who Am I
7. The Believer
8. Insanity
9. Ghost of Me
10. By the Time
11. Where Do I Start

Record Label:
SPV / Steamhammer

Release Date:
2nd June 2014