Anthrax – For All Kings CD Review

Anthrax – For All Kings CD Review

15th February 2016 1 By Frank Rini

If you have never heard Anthrax before, well you need to be body slammed.  2011’s reunion album Worship Music, with vocalist Joey Belladonna, was a welcome return to this reviewer’s ears.  I saw them recently on their tour with Lamb of God and as much as I love LOG, they didn’t stand a chance.  Anthrax wiped the floor with them.  Worship Music goes down in history as one of Anthrax’s strongest releases and I put it up  alongside Among the Living, that is how awesome that album is, plus it featured their first blast beat, ever.  This review is for the digital download of the the deluxe 2cd edition, that I will eventually purchase.  The bonus disc contains live songs and the recording is incredible.  So how does this stand up to Worship Music???  Was that album just a 1 hit reunion album????  Hell NO!!!!

Impaled opens up as a little intro before going into You Gotta Believe and smashes you with its thrashiness and Joey’s vocals sound killer.  Charlie’s monstrous double bass are tremendous, especially towards the end of the song.  Anthrax has Jonathan Donais in the band now on second guitar.  I believe he was in that terrible band, Shadows Fall.  Well he hit the money train now, as long as he writes for Anthrax, if not, then he’s just a hired hand.  This beginning track is catchy, grooving and will stomp you with Scott Ian sized 5 shoes, since Ian is a short little bastard.  Monster at the End is a nice Anthrax grooving, crunchy tune.

The title track is catchy and they played this tune live along with Evil Twin.  The title track is pretty thrashy, catchy and has classic written all over it.  Evil Twin is my favorite track on this album.  I love Ian’s vocals on this, since he has some lead vocals and this tune thrashes hard.  The slower parts to the song has some major riffing, that reminds me of early Overkill.  As Anthrax did with Worship Music, For All Kings is a pure thrash album.  Lots of fast songs and I put this alongside Worship Music.  I like it equally the same.  I am so happy to see that Anthrax did not wuss out and put out a garbage mid paced snoozefest.  The entire band, including bassist, Frank Bello are all at the top of their game on this.  Damn and to think I would have bought a shirt at the show, but the s/s ones were going for a ridiculous $35 -F that!!  Blood Eagle Wings is a depressing, slower, grooving song that has an unreal catchy chorus.

The production of For All Kings is outstanding.  Guitars, drums and bass are abundantly clear and the vocals are well mixed in.  This is my favorite release for 2016, thus far, even surpassing the new Megadeth which is outstanding.  Hell we just need Metallica to release a killer album, possibly in 2025 they will release their follow-up to Death Magnetic.  Regardless, if you enjoyed Worship Music which brought back Joey, as their vocalist and their return to being one of the best thrash bands of all time, than you will salivate over For All Kings.  Anthrax has once again kicked major arse on punishing us all with For All Kings. Just fantastic, fun, thrashing, well written music.

Score: 9.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

anthrax-for-all-kingsALBUM INFO

Track List:

Disc 1
1.You Gotta Believe
2.Monster At The End
3.For All Kings
4.Breathing Lightning
6.Evil Twin
7.Blood Eagle Wings
8.Defend Avenge
9.All Of Them Thieves
10.This Battle Chose Us
11.Zero Tolerance

Disc 2
1.Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t (live)
2.A.I.R. (live)
3.Caught In A Mosh (live)
4.Madhouse (live)

Nuclear Blast

Release Date:
26th February 2016