Ara – The Blessed Sleep

17th April 2013 0 By Chris Key

Ara The Blessed Sleep


Band: Ara
Album: The Blessed Sleep
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date:  26th December 2012
Reviewed By: Chris
Tracks Listing:
1. Entitled Ascension
2. Demise of Reason
3. The Blessed Sleep
4. Despair Personified
5. Abyssal Banishment
For Fans of: Pure Death on all levels!!
In a time when current death metal acts can be broken down into two common styles, which both share a need for innovation and identity, Milwaukee progressive/technical death metallers ARA presents The Blessed Sleep to give the genre the shot of artistic savagery it needs. Rather than littering their compositions with flurries of notes that champion an alienating complexity over songwriting craft and still not falling victim to the tongue-in-cheek homage riffing that makes up the old school revival, ARA delivers five songs that bear no compromise to the current sounds that pass for extreme and instead carves an identity for itself where few debut releases dare to tread.
There is a serious approach to the genre from ARA who want to give the listener a new take on a sound that is sheer Armageddon in audible form. “Abysmal Banishment” is strewn with machine gun style double kickers constantly and indiscriminately battering you whilst vocals are strong nod demonic to the last from tracks 1 through to 5. The sound desecrating your ears bit by bit, with the most disgusting deathly sounds coming our way on tracks “Despair Personified” and erm to be honest the whole album is a masterclass in degrading bludgeoning Death, uncompromising, unpredictable and volatile!!
A new approach to death?
7 out of 10