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16th July 2020 0

Podcast Episode 83: Scott Holderby – Mordred July 2020

By Craig

This month I catch up with old friend locked down Mordred vocalist Scott Holderby.  New EP Volition has just dropped so we chat about releasing new music for the first time in years, the upcoming album, how life can get in the way and we also both share similar singing lesson stories.  As always there is plenty of gibberish, recommendations, complaints, moans, observations, opinions and pure rubbish that make up a Bollocast.  This Is Beth Roars Bollocks.

25th March 2020 0

Angerot – The Divine Apostate

By Craig

American Death Metallers Angerot are back with their follow up album to “The Splendid Iniquity”. The Divine Apostate which is being released…

22nd September 2018 0

The Return of the Rini

By Craig

There have been rumours flying around the net of our friend and former All About The Rock writer Frank Rini…