Author: Chris Key

One of the two “originators” of AATR I have loved, lived and breathed rock since as long as I can remember!!
3rd March 2015 0

Bast – Spectres

By Chris Key
Bast are Sludge/Doom metallers hailing from London with an enormous sound and an overpowering intensity and bile in all that…
15th February 2015 0

Nightglow – Orpheus

By Chris Key
Following up their 2013 release of “We Rise” Thrash Metal Impresarios Nightglow are back with “Orpheus”. The band have evolved…
11th February 2015 0

Simus – Vox Vult

By Chris Key
Sticking with our Italiano theme this evening, I’m moving swiftly onto a band from the province of Como, Simus. Their…