Author: Mark Booth

Devotees and followers of the Cult of Cletus, I am your true God and my word is law! I come forth to spew daemon loving music at your ears and to corrupt your little mind. My words maybe harsh but I want only the best for my minions! So when I discover a new deadly spawn of music take heed and purchase...
18th November 2017 0

Ram – Rod

By Mark Booth
Am a newbie to RAM, I’ll admit it, I’ve heard of them but never anything by them. I knew they…
13th November 2017 0

F.K.Ü – 1981

By Mark Booth
Swedish thrashers and speed freaks Freddy Krugers’s Ünderwear (F.K.Ü.) are back with their 5th album ‘1981’, highly underrated and understated…