Belial – Wisdom of Darkness

Belial – Wisdom of Darkness

23rd April 2014 0 By Frank Rini

Originally released on Lethal Records in 1992, I picked this up that same year.  A beastly 7 song mcd that tore off your head with its ferociousness.  Brutal Finnish death metal with hints of early Hypocrisy/Deicide and plain evilness.  To this day Of Servant of Belial is still one of my favorite death metal songs.  With its brutal smashing death metal, with whispered and brutal vocals.  Evil Defined.

The original 7 song ep is one of the best in death metal, ever. Funeral Industries reissued this and I picked it up recently due to the label telling me the sound was remastered, plus I wanted to hear the bonus live songs.  Well the material was just repressed and nothing was remastered.  My side by side comparison proved this. So just like the reissue of Belial’sNever Again’, I was let down.  The new ‘Wisdom of Darkness’ album cover has been improved upon, quite a bit, from the original, this new cover rocks.  The addition of the bonus live tracks are cool in that I have never heard the band live, until this, but I wish the recordings were better, the sound of the live songs suck.  But alas there is a little saving grace on this reissue, at least, and that is the hidden bonus track.

At over 11 minutes, this appears to be the 1991 demo, ‘The Gods of the Pit’.  The actual quality of this is pretty good and definitely a homerun addition to a lackluster reissue.  No remastered sound, no lyrics, a booklet with the same dark hard to view pictures as well as the inclusion of some flyers of old interviews/reviews.  However they are printed so incredibly small they’re impossible to read.  Who the ‘F’ was responsible for these Belial booklet layouts should never, ever be allowed to lay out another cd again! The review of course does not reflect the original 7 song ep, which is a perfect ep, in my opinion, or the cool bonus demo, but reflects the lack of effort in sound, quality and care that went into the reissue.  If you don’t have the original, pick this up, though.

Score: 4 out of 10

belial - wisdom of darknessALBUM INFO

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. The Invocation
  3. Of Servant of Belial
  4. Lost Souls
  5. Rise of Hecate
  6. Hypocrisy of the God’s Sons
  7. Voices Beyond
  8. Lost Souls
  9. Rise of Hecate
  10. You
  11. The Invocation
  12. On You
  13. Voices Beyond
  14. Bonus Hidden Track

Record Label:
Funeral Industries

Release Date:
1992/Reissued 2010

For fans of:
Finnish Death Metal/Classic Brutal Death Metal

Standout Tracks:
Entire Album