Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy

Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy

31st August 2016 0 By Joe Denby

Italy’s Blasphemer have been churning away for 15 years now in the underground and after a 5 year absence the band have unleashed their second full length “Ritual Theophagy”. There’s not too much really to go into its 28 minutes in length and out of the 11 tracks here only one “Obscuring the Holy light” goes other the 3 minute mark.
So what we have here is no nonsense, straight for the throat Death Metal. It’s dark and rough round the edges. It has none of the modern clinical production its nasty and old school. While blasting away one moment the band know when to throw in some groove and mix up the pace. Most of the songs start or end with a sample of a movie which is normally popular in the hardcore genre but it’s a nice touch here. There’s not much in variety aside from the closing title track which is just guitar and vocals which brings the album to a dark and eerie close.

All in all, Ritual Theophagy does what it says on the tin. You look at the black and white artwork of the Baphomet figure and you get the idea of what you are getting. There are so many Death Metal releases worldwide unless its exceptional or terrible it’s easy for many bands to become waves in the ocean. While Blasphemer is not the most original or innovative bands their execution is great and they had made a solid, strong if short album.
It may fade into the background of your collection but a worthy addition nonetheless.


1: Suicide for Satan
2: You Are Nothing
3: Jesus Rapes
4: Worship in the Void
5: Antichristian Extremism
6: Annihilated Divinity
7: Obscuring the Holy Light
8: Crucifix of Shit (Stench of Prophet)
9: Fetishistic Idolatry of the Cross
10: I Deny
11: Ritual Theophagy

Length: 28:02

Comatose Music
Release date:
October 2016

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