Bohemian Grove – Eternal Ruin (EP)

Bohemian Grove – Eternal Ruin (EP)

15th January 2014 0 By Chris Key

Listen to this record and then pinch yourself!! These guys aren’t signed, the mind boggles!! Coming right out of left field and elevating brutality and technicality to new levels are Bohemian Grove, straight outta Yorkshire!!

So what can you expect from the EP? Well, as the band say themselves “Prepare for a breakdown induced death.” They describe their style as Techdeath and as genres go, this is pretty much bang on the money.

Reflection Of Hollow Eyes” is unbelievably brutal on the vocals but technically outstanding. The track has so many layers of sound, you are permanently immersed in the consistent chaos, with riffs sounded as deranged as any Meshuggah track you’ve ever witnessed. What’s more, riffs vary from the sludge metal grind, all the way up to split second shards that come flying at you like shattered glass in a bomb blast. Most impressive!! The sheer intensity of Bohemian Grove is a testament to their stamina and togetherness as a unit.

Eternal Ruin” is another monolith of metal perfection. The sheer visceral hate delivered in the vocals by Spencer Costello, is enough to move mountains with a growl as rough as a rusty razor ripping through your eardrums!! The technical expertise of the guitar work by Rich Robertson and Jonny Lang cannot be overstated and furthermore the way the riffs and vocals are chopped up electronically brings an uber modern feel to this metal offering.

Embodiment Of Evil” is another romping thrash fest. The standard already being set by the breakneck speed riff and monstrous vocals is continued on this track. Drumming is just relentless, keeping pace with the insane pace set by the rest of band, obliterating you with it’s offbeat double kicker onslaught!!

Departures” is the piece de resistance, as an outro for the album. The track packs in synths courtesy of Paul Key and other electronica, as well as seething vocals and fat grizzly riffs that are incomprehensibly complicated and brilliant.

Lastly it should be mentioned that the production is so well judged, as clear as crystal yet as powerful as a hammer blow to the head. Just about every texture of distortion is felt, as your senses are blown away by the size and complexity of the sound that comes your way.

Score: 9 out of 10

AATR Approved



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1.. Intro
2.. Reflection Of Hollow Eyes
3.. Eternal Ruin
4.. Embodiment of Evil
5.. Departures

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10th January 2014

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