Browlin All My Days

Written by Jeni

I recently listened to Browlin’s latest track “All my Days” which starts with a video depicting old archive footage from Western style scenes and starts similarly to a classic movie in black and white with authentic crackle and line effects as cowboys ride through the landscape, a classic start for what I imagine to be a timeless classic. It’s a swift jump into Browlin’s voice and I can’t help but feel a little more build up would have been nice.

The track kick-starts into a steady beat and stays to the pace throughout. His lyrics and music are enhanced by his husky voice and the passion in his voice is truly humbling so much so as you can sense a sort of black honesty in the raw quality of the entire track. It’s easy listening for all ages and has an electronic flute style section which allows Browlin to showcase his DJ talents off mixing different sounds and genres into an overall great track.

The transition between the verses and chorus are done well but there is a distinct lack of oomph for a fairly unvaried song. Like the horses shown in the video it’s a reliable song which would be great for journeys but it’s not the fastest or most exciting experience.

The music is jolly and bright and tackled alongside his delectably raspy singing; it’s a spectacular combination like sweet and sour for your ears.  I loved the concoction of indie and funk with undertones of a country ambiance and the use of electronic reverberations send a spine tingling Southern States vibe through you despite this guy being a Brit. It’s certainly a weird blend of genres and sounds but for all intents and purposes it works and it works well.

This is toe tappingly catchy, will have you thrust back in time and singing for days and I’m sure Topshop won’t be the last to jump on the Browlin Bandwagon

Score 7/10

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Hi, I’m Jeni, a twenty-something-year-old metal chick with a pungent for all things geek, art and bizarre fashion choices including my recent addition of light up trainers!!!

My passion for metal started when I was in school and my dad bought me Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler which I thought worked well with my Avril Lavigne esque skater girl look (It’s embarrassing I know but I’m pretty sure 90% of girls went through this shameful style of vest/tie combos). From there my love for metal started to blossom, I was spending most of my time at gigs and listening to more diverse music which got progressively heavier (to the dismay of my mum) and by the time I went to my first Download Festival I was in full swing. Windmilling arms towards the front pit of Slipknot and screaming like I knew what I was doing! (I didn’t know and just ended up losing my voice but it was an experience I’ll never forget).

Now, I predominantly listen to all things “core” metalcore, hardcore etc but I also still have a sweet spot for pop punk (I can hear the moans of everyone at AATR already). I’m sure you’ll get the gist of what I’m about from reading my reviews! I hope you all enjoy - Jenibean out :)

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