Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise – The Axiom of Post Inhumanity

Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise – The Axiom of Post Inhumanity

16th November 2013 0 By Chris Key

Formed by Ex Anthrax bassist Dan Liker in 1990, going through periods of inactivity and disbandment, now rising from the ashes is Brutal Truth.  The New York Grindcore metal experts are back with another dose of what’s good for ya.


Here’s a fun fact for you; apparently in 2001 the band were awarded The Guinness Book Of Records award for the shortest music video in history, at just 2.18 seconds,  thus proving that length doesn’t matter!!


But they’re back with a split LP with the ever guttural band Bastard Noise, for a split album, so let’s get down to it!!


I have to be honest and say the  “The Duel Of The Ant And The  Dragonfly” was so ear  piercing it was unlistenable not to mention one of the most bizarre collection of sounds I’ve ever heard. ” The Horizon On lynx” is moody and atmospheric to start with some more squeaky white noise piped in for good measure. Call me ignorant, but  it is very hard to know how to evaluate the sounds of Bastard Noise, listen and I think you might just understand. They also contribute “Horned Beetle Conflict,” “Preemptive Epitaph for the Living,” “The Antenna Galaxies (ngc 4038-4039)” and “Frack Baby Frack,” which all left me more bemused than I have been for a long time!! It was like someone throwing a stun grenade at my ears, leaving only an audible ringing in my ears like tinnitus!!


Onto Brutal Truth tracks then:

“Control Room: Peace is the Victory Mix” was like a barren wasteland of no lyrics and apocalyptic dread, gloom fully amped up!! “Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix” sounds like musical instruments have died and probably gone to hell, monumentally bleak as possible, this is abstract music, at best.  “The Stroy” finishes with more mind bending noises that are even harder to come to terms with.


I’ve read about how innovative Bastard Noise have been over the years, building their own musical equipment from broken arcade machines, metal coils etc. what is or isn’t music may be redefined by these guys, but it isn’t an easy listen by any stretch.

Score: 3 out of 10




Band: Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise

Album: The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity

Record Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: November 11th 2013




01. BRUTAL TRUTH – Control Room: Peace is the Victory Mix

02. BASTARD NOISE – Preemptive Epitaph for the Living

03. BASTARD NOISE – The Antenna Galaxies (ngc 4038-4039)

04. BASTARD NOISE – Frack Baby Frack

01. BASTARD NOISE – The Duel of the Ant and the Dragonfly

02. BASTARD NOISE – The Horizon on Lynx

03. BASTARD NOISE – Horned Beetle Conflict

04. BASTARD NOISE – Mantis Colony

05. BRUTAL TRUTH – Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix

06. BRUTAL TRUTH – The Story