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Bullet – Dust To Gold

Written by John Deaux

Airborne are to AC/DC just as Bullets new album Dust To Gold is to era Judas Priest. 

With the demise of bands such as Black Sabbath, Slayer and Motley Crue, it’s not a bad thing that certain bands, like Bullet are coming through and keeping that style of metal alive for old and new fans alike. 

Dust To Gold is a classic slice of metal with Rob Halford/Axl Rose style vocals. Sonically, this album needs to be enjoyed at the same volume as a monster truck rally.

Beautifully produced and mixed. I was lucky enough to be sent the limited edition 180gm gold-colored record (which incidentally comes with a CD copy of the album). Don’t get me wrong, CDs and MP3s are great and convenient, but NOTHING beats the sound of analogue in my opinion. Especially when comparing an album such as this.


Throughout the entire 39 minute recording there’s riff after riff of epic proportions, pounding drums, rumbling bass and vocals that make your ears bleed.

There’s plenty on this album to make your ears pick out ear worms. The title track and Rogue Soldiers are just a couple of these moments (well, it was for me). 

Although Dust To Gold isn’t re-inventing the wheel, it does a very good job at keeping traditional metal alive in an age where most bands seem to have downtuned their guitars and play Panteraesque riffs combined with god awful Djent.

Bullet are a welcome addition to the resurgence of traditional sounding metal.


Alexander Lyrbo (guitars) 
Hampus Klang (guitars) 
Gustav Hector (bass) 
Hell Hofer (vocals) 
Gustav Hjortsjö (drums)
Score 7/10

Track List
01. Speed And Attack 
02. Ain’t Enough 
03. Rogue Soldier 
04. Fuel The Fire 
05. One More Round 
06. Highway Love 
07. Wildfire 
08. Screams In The Night 
09. Forever Rise 
10. The Prophecy 
11. Hollow Grounds 
12. Dust To Gold

Release Date
20th April 2018
Available physical formats:
Format:                     CD
Packaging:              DigiPak + poster
Format:                     2 LP + CD (in paper sleeve)
Packaging:              Double Gatefold, 180g, printed inner sleeves, golden vinyl 

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