Bury Tomorrow – Runes

Bury Tomorrow – Runes

30th April 2014 0 By Zack Slabbert

Bury Tomorrow formed in 2006 and while some metalcore bands have gotten worse over the years, they’ve only gotten better. When listening to their AMAZING new album Runes, you can definitely hear that they’re here to stay.

Bury Tomorrow are: Daniel Winter Bates – Vocals, Davyd Winter Bates – Bass, Adam Jackson – Drums, Jason Cameron – Vocals/Guitars and Kristan Dawson – Guitars. Bury Tomorrow are a melodic metalcore band from the UK and like most things from the UK, they’re BRILLIANT. If you’re a metalcore fan then this is another album to add to your collection. It’s filled with awesome breakdowns and the guitar riffs on this album are so catchy and get stuck in your head instantly. The guitar, bass and drums compliment each other perfectly on this album, but what makes it something truly special is the perfect combination of the heavy and clean vocals. Bury Tomorrow have two top notch vocalists that work together so well and know exactly what to do at the right time. This album really stands out and I think it’s safe to say that this will be one of the best new releases of 2014. The album manages to suck you in and you might wanna start a moshpit at work so this album is NSFW. I would love to see Bury Tomorrow touring with Devil You Know, Killswitch Engage, Demon Hunter and In Flames, that would be a PERFECT tour. . .

Go out and get this album, you won’t be dissapointed.

Album Rating:
9 out of 10
AATR Approved


Track Listing:
1. Man on Fire
2. Shadow, A Creator
3. The Torch
4. Watcher
5. Our Gift
6. Darker Water
7. Another Journey
8. Under the Sun
9. Year Of the Harvest
10. Garden of Thorns
11. Divine Breath
12. Of Glory
13. Last Of the Ice

Release date:
23 May 2014

Nuclear Blast Records




For fans of:
While She Sleeps, Devil You Know, Miss May I, The Ghost Inside, Buried in Verona, Parkway Drive, Architects.