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13th September 2013 0

Vista Chino – Peace

By Mark Booth

Sorry for the late review minions…I’ve been having connection problems with my lapdog, sorry I mean laptop and work commitments.…

5th September 2013 2

Soulfly – Savages

By Craig

  Max Cavalera and co (or if you want, we can just address them as Soulfly) are back with their…

30th August 2013 2

Kreator – Dying Alive

By Craig

The reigning kings of the Teutonic Thrash scene Kreator are back with a live recording of their sold out homecoming gig…

26th August 2013 0

Helhorse – Oh Death

By Craig

Back with their 2nd album is Danish metallers Helhorse – I will be upfront and honest right now and will…

24th August 2013 0

Tyr – Valkyrja

By Rich Dodgin

Band: Týr Album: Valkyrja Record Label: Metal Blade Records Release Date: September 16th 2013 Reviewed By: Rich Dodgin Track Listing:…

24th August 2013 0

Annihilator – Feast

By Rich Dodgin

Band: Annihilator Album: Feast Record Label: EMI Release Date: August 26th 2013 Reviewed By: Rich Dodgin Track Listing: 1.  Deadlock…