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4th March 2013 0

The Arteries – Restless

By Ant
  Band: The Arteries Album: Restless Record Label: Specialist Subject Records Release Date: 4th March 2013 Reviewed By: Ant Kicking…
28th February 2013 0

Coldsteel – America Idle

By Ant
    Band: Coldsteel Album: America Idle Record Label: Stormspell Records Release Date: 20th Feb 2013 Reviewed By: Ant  …
26th February 2013 0

Audrey Horne – Youngblood

By Craig
  Band: Audrey Horne Album: Youngblood Record Label: Napalm Records Release Date: 5th February 2013 Reviewed By: Craig    …
19th February 2013 0

Fall City Fall – Victus

By Chris Key
  Artist:Fall City Fall Album: Victus Record Label: Victory Records Release Date: 22nd January 2013 Calgary isn’t just famous for…
17th February 2013 0

Heavatar – All My Kingdoms

By Ant
    Band: Heavatar Album: All My Kingdoms Record Label: Napalm Records Release Date: March 4th 2013 Reviewed By: Ant…
15th February 2013 0

Skewered – Skewered

By Dave O'Gorman
      Band: Skewered Album: Skewered Record Label: Inherited Suffering Records and Anopsys Records Released: 2011 Reviewed By: Dave…
14th February 2013 0

Nettlecarrier – Nettlecarrier

By Craig
    Band: Nettlecarrier Album: Nettlecarrier Record Label: Indie Records Release Date: 21st September 2013 Reviewed By: Daniel So Nettlecarrier…