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Condition Critical – Operational Hazard

Written by Frank Rini

Band: Condition Critical
Album: Operational Hazard
Record Label: Burned By God Records
Release Date: 7/10/13
Reviewed By: Frank Rini 7/14/13

Track Listing:
1. Random Acts of Killing
2. Parasitic Torment
3. Morning Sickness
4. Sector 16
5. Shock Therapy
6. Gravitational Dismemberment
7. Surgical Malpractice
8. Dr. Criti-Kill

For fans of: Demolition Hammer/Hatriot/Slayer

Standout Tracks: Random Acts of Killing/Gravitational Dismemberment /Dr. Criti-Kill

Condition Critical are a young New Jersey band that play a blended death/thrash form of music. They have been dubbed, Demolition Hammer Jr. and I believe this is a pretty good assessment of the band. Since Demolition Hammer created the best death/thrash album, Epidemic of Violence, in my opinion, this album really stuck to me as soon as I heard them.

The guitar tone and raspy singing really are heavily influenced by Demolition Hammer. The album has varying speeds, mostly of the death/thrash kind, with some well placed blast beats throughout the album. The guitars, I swear, I thought this was Epidemic of Violence for a moment, super heavy and crushing when the

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groove parts hit-look the fuck out. They will make you literally tear off the shingles on your house and start windmilling all over the place, knocking cars upside down.

The production is killer, all the instruments coming through beautifully heavy, thanks to Mana Recordings. Guitar tone is the highlight-absolutely beastly and the bass lines are heard perfectly. Drum tone is heavy and Mana is known for their

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killer drum tone, so expect nothing less with this. Also the songwriting is exceptional for such a young band putting out their debut cd. Really excellently written and super catchy heavy tunes to knock your teeth down your throat.

The album contains 8 songs, clocking in at a brisk 30 minutes. However, the songs comes across better due to their shorter length. No need for drawn out tunes to get bored to, this is a neck rattler. And the cover is done by the great Ed Repka. This has classic album written all over it, down the road. Fuckin killer debut. Buy or Die!!

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

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Frank Rini

Frank is better known as singing on the first two Internal Bleeding albums 'Voracious Contempt' and 'The Extinction of Benevolence'. He loves Death Metal, Thrash and Grindcore and really wants to spread Extreme Music to as many people as possible.

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