Created To Kill – Deaths Construction

Created To Kill – Deaths Construction

3rd October 2013 0 By Frank Rini

Hailing from Kentucky, what can one expect from this band?  Brutal old school death metal mixed in with some newer brutal type of death metal, that’s what! The cd blasts right out of the starting gates and at the 1.51 mark you will be slamming your head against the wall, on the song Fascination with Your Death.  Too bad the groove part ends too quickly, it could have went on for a few more seconds.  Object of Perfect Torture has a killer guitar riff and at the 1.40 mark it’s vintage Cannibal Corpse, ala Butchered at Birth, especially in the vocal department.  Awesome!  Machete is my favorite song, on the album, beginning with a killer beat-really brutal and the 1.21 mark is fuckin classic-perfect homage to Cannibal Corpse.  The 2 minute mark is meant for you to throw up your horns, in a live setting, clearly.  Pure awesomeness.  Album closes with Death on the River that starts with an amazing groove, before going into a nice solo and blast beat.  The 1.26 mark is pure brutality and the vocals are outstanding!

The album is a marked improvement off their impressive 2008 offering, Worship or Die, mainly in the production department.  The recording is loud and the guitars and vocals stand out on this recording.  Super heavy and the old school Cannibal Corpse style vocals are done really well.  What needs some improvement is the drumming and maybe it’s more of the songs and how they’re constructed.  I feel the drums are a tad too fast on the cd, where the guitars are trying to play catch up to the drums, which ends up sounding not too cohesive in parts.  However when the band plays at a slower pace they shine amazingly and this is some very well done super brutal death metal.  Be on the lookout for my interview with guitarist Steve Forbes, in the future.  For now you really need to pick up Death’s Construction, if you call yourself a brutal death metal lover!

Score: 8.5 out of 10
AATR Approved



Created to killALBUM INFO

Record Label: Pagan Pride Records
Release Date:  2013
Band Website:

Track Listing:

1. Fascination with Your Death
2. Object of Perfect Torture
3. Into the Frozen Tomb
4. Murdered and Mutilated
5. Corpse Collector
6. Machete
7. Suffocated in a Bodybag
8. Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment
9. The Reaper Always Wins
10. Death on the River

For fans of:  Cannibal Corpse/Devourment/Disgorge

Standout Tracks: Object of Perfect Torture/ Machete/ Death on the River