Dawn of Demise – The Suffering CD Review

Dawn of Demise – The Suffering CD Review

6th November 2016 0 By Frank Rini

Dawn of Demise, currently are the leaders, in my opinion, of the Danish Death Metal scene.  I was a fan of them, thanks to John Dwyer, of Pathos Productions who turned me onto them years ago.  Bassist, Bjorn Jensen, sought me out in 2012 and I laid down some guest vocals on Rejoice in Vengeance.   Dawn of Demise wear their influences on their sleeves, quite well.  Being fans of the NYDM scene, you will hear influences ranging from my former band, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Pyrexia and Dehumanized.  


There is also an extra chunkiness to their guitar sound which comes directly from the Danish scene.  Blast beats are ferocious and then the grooves and slam parts will make you want to destroy entire cities worldwide.  So here we are with The Suffering, their fourth full-length and there is some wretched review on metal-archives.com of this album.  I was wondering what the Fuck was that guy listening to, it certainly was not Dawn of Demise.  

Sadistic Gratification opens the album with a groove, of all things, no blast and then a rumbling killer heaviness that erupts into a blast and Scott Jensen laying down some gutturals that are just vicious and of course brother Bjorn is right behind him laying down some backing growls.  The 1.44 slam part is the “Holy Shit” part.  Damn skippy, the slam, guttural growls, ultra-heavy guitar riff and killer bass lines is all one needs to hear before going into a slam pit and laying waste to anyone getting in their way.  I swear I started a pit in my house and my cats began flying around in a whirlwind tornado vortex, before I went outside and layed someone out with an atomic backbreaker!!  The title track is plain groove, slam heaviness and is so darn catchy.  Dawn of Demise has quite the knack for creating some of the catchiest and slammin songs!  

A Malignant Condition starts with a killer blast and goes right into a groove and the guttural vocals are killer.  And hey what’s up with that guitar solo at the 1.05 mark???  Threw me for a loop and it was certainly welcomed, before Dawn of Demise bludgeons you with a monstrous slam at the 90 second mark.  Throw in a few pinch harmonics 30 seconds later and you have the makings of a pure brutal 90’s era slam death metal classic track.  This tune is one of my favorite songs the band has ever done.  

The rest of The Suffering is killer.  Slower, groovier tracks, mixed in with blast beats to break things up.  Dawn of Demise are not afraid to return to a good riff and understand the importance of not letting go of a catchy riff too soon.  The production sounds tight, heavy and  polished, but very chunky, keeping all instruments audible and nothing overtaking the other.  Great album cover and inside booklet.  Dawn of Demise need to hook up with Suffocation for an overseas tour, or Internal Bleeding, they have to get their name out more and I am glad they are on Unique Leader.  The Suffering crushes, bludgeons, stomps and is one of the stronger releases of 2016.  They are intent on throwing riff after catchy riff your way and crushing your chest cavity with sheer heaviness.  Well done, Gentlemen.  The Suffering is killer excellent!  

Buy or Die! 

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

dawn-of-demiseThe Suffering Info

Track List:

1. Sadistic Gratification
2. Destined to Suffer
3. The Suffering
4. Deride the Wretch
5. The Process of Killing
6. Predation
7. Coercion of the Victim
8. A Malignant Condition
9. Those Who Deserve My Wrath
10. As the World Dies
11. Deify the Outrageous
Unique Leader Records

Release Date:

Standout Tracks:
Sadistic Gratification/The Suffering/A Malignant Condition

For fans of:
Internal Bleeding/Suffocation/Pyrexia