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Defeated Sanity – Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata CD Review

Written by Frank Rini
Germany’s Defeated Sanity are one of the best at creating brutal death metal. I guested on their last album, Passages into Deformity and they’ve been one of my faves for years. 1 year ago Defeated Sanity announced they would be doing something different with their next album. They were not joking and they explained what the album would be like. They have created 2 separate eps making up this album. The Disposal of the Dead section contains 6 songs of their ultra-brutal guttural signature death metal sound. Opening with an instrumental before Into the Soil collapses your head and chest cavity you will be hard pressed at finding better death metal, this brutal. Mr Gruber’s blasts are ridiculously fast in this opening before the music gets into a gargantuan slam section. Konni’s vox are disgustingly brutal as he inhales a filthy, sloppy, clogged sewer pipe; belting out brown note inducing vocals. So guttural and incredible. I’m not sure how Christian gets his guitar sound but for crissakes it’s godly.
Jacobs underlying bass guitar and bass plucks rounds out a rhythm section that is fantastic.  Some truly killer drumming comes round again with some interesting snare beats. The snare sound is a little tinny and I would like to have heard it resonating deeper. Disposal of the Dead has some great brutal songs, the memorability factor on some of the tunes wanes a bit, as compared to their last several albums, though, but ultimately still great brutal death metal. The Dharmata side, for me, surprisingly so is stronger than the Disposal of the Dead side. Out is Konni on vocals and bring in American Max Phelps. The rest of the lineup of DS remains the same. These 5 songs opening with the title track instrumental is technical, progressive death metal. Think Atheist/Cynic/Pestilence (Testimony of the Ancients/Spheres) styled jazz prog. Max has Atheist/Chuck Schuldiner inspired vocals. The Mesmerizing Light comes in, and like the other songs in this section are longer than the brutal death metal earlier on this release.
Jacobs slap/plucking bass and playing on this track/album are the best bass lines all year. Original and the texture it adds creates a layer of absolute brilliance. The guitar work is incredible with great jazzy heaviness and beautiful solos creating an atmosphere not many bands achieve. Lille’s drumming is the best drumming he’s ever done. I wonder if when he drummed on Zealotry’s debut made him want to expand his musical intelligence. It’s paid off big time. His drumming is spectacular, crafting some poly-rhythmics which are mind blowing. Lille you nailed it!  
The album booklet and back cover design are separated to show the Disposal of the Dead and Dharmata sections making them stand alone pieces. Different album covers and just very original. I would have bought the Dharmata long sleeve, but it’s white and with my god sized hamburgers I eat this would have stains on it from the first day I wore it. I did pick up the Disposal of the Dead L/S. The production for both eps are incredible. 
My recommendation is for Defeated Sanity to continue to put out full lengths of their brutal death metal, continuing under this band name. I feel they should also continue to put out the Dharmata prog/jazz tech death metal music under the new name of non other than Dharmata. The music they created in this section, I wanted to hear more of, as well as a full album of their brutal guttural death metal music.  Well done Defeated Sanity in putting out an original concept of the 2 separate eps. Buy or Die!
Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

defeated-sanityDisposal of the Dead/Dharmata Info


1. Remotio Mortuorum
2. Into the Soil
3. Consuming Grief
4. Generosity of the Deceased
5. Suttee
6. The Bell
7. Dharmata
8. The Mesmerizing Light
9. At One with Wrath
10. The Quest for Non-Existence
11. Return to Samsara
Willowtip Records
Release Date:
22nd July 2016
Standout Tracks:
Into the Soil/The Mesmerizing Light/Return to Samsara
For fans of:
Atheist/Pestilence/Death (Later albums)

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Frank Rini

Frank is better known as singing on the first two Internal Bleeding albums 'Voracious Contempt' and 'The Extinction of Benevolence'. He loves Death Metal, Thrash and Grindcore and really wants to spread Extreme Music to as many people as possible.

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