Demonbreed – Where Gods Come To Die

Demonbreed – Where Gods Come To Die

20th September 2016 0 By Frank Rini

Newcomers to the death metal scene, Germany’s Demonbreed play a pretty convincing form of Swedish death metal.  Seriously if you love the sound of the BOSS HM-2 Pedal, get this album now.  Hunt for it, scavenge for it, even pillage, if necessary.  Metal brother in arms, owner of Teeth of the Divine, Erik Thomas, introduced me to these gents a few months ago.  I pay attention when Erik sends me music recommendations, he knows what I like.  Basically take early 90’s Swedish death metal, coupled with the ferocious production of Raging Death, from Entrails and you get Demonbreed.  

When it comes to originality you will be surprised to know it exists on this, maybe not as prevalent as their countrymen, Revel in Flesh, but still cool nonetheless. Hey the band threw me for a loop when they chuck in some clean vocals on album closer, “Seed of Ferocity”.  This tune bludgeons along with some mid-paced crunch, brutal blasts and some semi-melodic moments at the end with the clean echo reverb soaked vocals.  This element works quite well and the band uses it on the well done cover of Edge of Sanity’s “Blood Colored”.  


The title track opens the album, as a creepy interlude before “Vultures in the Blood Red Sky” comes through your speakers with a massive guitar tone and cymbal crash before a blast comes in at the 25 second mark.  Very catchy tune and better than average death metal vocals that are gruff and I keep singing the chorus over and over.  Nice growl at the 1.30 mark too.  The 1.43 rumbling heaviness will no doubt conjure up the brown note and you will splatter your pants with your almost digested Taco Bell meal.  This song has the type of song I look for in an album opener.  Brutal, catchy, vicious and angry! “A Thousand Suns Will Rise” comes in next as a mid-paced cruncher.  Similar to some of the newer Entrails sounds with some excellent drum rolls and the guitar heaviness that most debut albums only dream of.  The 3.10 part has nice use of atmospherics, bass guitar and melody before a kicking guitar melody comes in and some nice growls.  Double bass will collapse your chest and the song meanders along before finally saying goodnight.  

The overall album production is fantastic.  With today’s technology the need to go to Sunlight Studios is no longer needed.  This album has the best production of the year thus far, for any death metal album.  You can hear everything, from the low end bass guitar, the razor guitar, drums and vocals.  Furthermore, the mix is what does this justice.  It is absolutely perfect.  What Demonbreed makes up for in originality is their fierce desire to construct well played and catchy songs with a pissed off attitude.  

There are smatterings of blast beats on this album, however Demonbreed mix it up a lot with atmospherics, melodies and mid-paced crunch.  Oh yeah and some of the growls are spend tingling.  The growl at the 3.20  mark after the bass interlude/atmospheric part of “Summon the Undead” will make you say boy Demonbreed knows what the hell they’re doing.  Testimony Records is a new label, never heard of it and I do not expect Demonbreed to remain on this label. No offense Testimony Records, but someone is going to poach Demonbreed from you.  One of the best albums this year and definitely the best Swedish inspired death metal album I have heard in the last few years.  For a debut, I was pretty blown away, this does not happen often.  Where Gods Come To Die needs to be in your collection.  Buy or Die!!

Score: 9.5 out of 10

AATR Approved

Demonbreed - Where Gods Come To DieDemonbreed – Where Gods Come To Die Info:


1.Where Gods Come to Die
2.Vultures in the Blood Red Sky
3.A Thousand Suns Will Rise
4.Summon the Undead
5.Revenge in the Afterlife
6.Empty Grave
7.Red Countess
9.Barren Wasteland
10.Folded Hands
11.Blood Colored (Edge of Sanity cover)
12.Seed of Ferocity

Testimony Records

Release Date:

For Fans of:
Swedish Death Metal/Brutal use of the BOSS HM-2 Pedal

Standout Tracks:
Vultures in the Blood Red Sky/A Thousand Suns Will Rise/Seed Of Ferocity

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