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Destroying The Moshpit Form
The aim of the Destroying The Moshpit albums is to get free publicity for bands - bands don't pay us to appear on the albums and we don't sell the albums, they are free of charge and will also be listed on places like BandCamp. The reason we give the albums away for free is because we all know the music industry is struggling. Heavy Metal is a family, a community and we should be helping each other out to succeed and this is our way of trying to help bands and musicians.If your band is Thrash, Death, Black, Groove, Punk, Stoner, or Deathcore then get in touch.
So we know what to call you.
Tell us about your band, be sure to include links to where we can find you (website, Facebook, Twitter etc).
Allowed file extensions are zip, rar, mp3, mp4, wav, wma. Max file size is 64 MB. Please use the song you want us to consider for one of the Destroying The Moshpit albums.
Max file size is 262 MB. Please upload the band artwork you would like us to use.

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