Devil You Know – The Beauty of Destruction

Devil You Know – The Beauty of Destruction

8th April 2014 0 By Zack Slabbert

If you’re a Metalcore fan, then continue reading.

Devil You Know, is the new band that Howard Jones (that guy from Killswitch Engage) is in and also marks his return to music since departing from Killswitch Engage in 2012. The band comprises of: Howard JonesKillswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed  (Vocals), Francesco ArtusatoAll Shall Perish (Guitar), John Sankey Divine Heresy, Fear Factory  (Drums), Ryan WombacherBleeding Through (Bass), Roy Lev-Ari  – Hiss of Attrocities  (Guitar).

The Beauty of Destruction is a solid Metalcore album and reminds us once again why Howard Jones is one of the best Metalcore vocalists out there today. The album finds him experimenting with his vocals a little bit which delivers awesome results and you can also hear he put a lot of emotion into this album. If you’re a die hard Howard Jones fan, you’ll be really happy and impressed with his performance on the album.

On the other hand if you’re a die hard fan of the other members in the band and their other bands (All Shall Perish, Divine Heresy, Bleeding Through, Hiss of Attrocities) you might not be so impressed by the musical side of the album. The music is amazing and awesome (for a Metalcore album), but if you take the combined technical skill of the musicians in this band, you can’t help but wonder why they dialed it down a bit.

All and all the album is a Metalcore Masterpiece and has a variety of songs on it. All the songs are REALLY catchy and most of them are instant singalong “anthems”. Stand out tracks on the album: ALL OF THEM. They did manage to deliver a Metalcore Masterpiece that doesn’t sound like everything else out there. There’s a lot of emotion and melody in this album and it makes you feel good on the inside when listening to it. Everyone worked together quite well on the album and they all compliment each others sound. Despite some people thinking this wouldn’t work, I can definitely say it does!!!

The Beauty of Destruction will be released on the 25th of April 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records . Really awesome news is that you can also get the album on Vinyl (if that’s your thing).

Album Rating: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

Devil You Know - The Beauty Of Destruction - ArtworkALBUM INFO

Track Listing:

1. A New Beginning
2. My Own
3. Embracing The Torture
4. For The Dead And Broken
5. Seven Years Alone
6. It’s Over
7. A Mind Insane
8. Crawl From The Dark
9. The Killer
10.I Am The Nothing
11.Shut It Down
12.As Bright As The Darkness

Record Label:
Nuclear Blast

Release Date:
25th April 2014


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