Diabulus in Musica – Argia

Diabulus in Musica – Argia

17th April 2014 0 By Nick Webb

Full of eerie music backing vocals that sound like something from a medieval chant, complete with contrapuntal textures and baroque-esque harmonies, modal lyrics and very folksy instrumental passages using flutes and zithers, the opening track of Argia, Ex Ressurexit (Libera Me) is nothing if not atmospheric.

This intro, however, only shows one of many different states that Diabulus in Musica go through. From the Embers is a heavy, symphonic track, using both the operatic female vocals of Zuberoa Aznárez and contrasting death metal-style growls and screams. This multiplicity of genres is evident throughout the entire album, synth, progressive and heavy metal styles nestle alongside classical styles, medieval pseudo-religious sounds and folk melodies and instrumentation.

Argia features guest appearances from fellow members of the European metal scene, including Ailyn Gimenez from Norwegian death metal act Sirenia providing a second set of vocals on Furia de Libertad, and Thomas Vikström, who has sung on albums from various metal acts.

The album has a good balance with the way that the songs are written, amalgamating the different styles together with ease. However, I personally have never been a fan of the heavier, death metal style of vocal, which goes some way to tarnish this album, yet they’re infrequent enough for them to give the band a certain heavier quality, which sets them apart from many similar artists.


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Album Info

Track List

  1. Et Resurrexit (Libera Me)Diabulus in Musica - Argia
  2. From the Embers
  3. Inner Force
  4. Furia de Libertad (feat. Ailyn Gimenez)
  5. Maitagarri
  6. Sed Diabolous
  7. Spoilt Vampire
  8. Eternal Breeze
  9. Mechanical Ethos
  10. Encounter at Chronos’ Maze (feat. Thomas Vikstrom)
  11. Indigo
  12. Healing
  13. Horizons

Record Label
Napalm Records

Release Date
14th April 2014

For fans of
Nightwish, Delain, Within Temptation, Symphonic gothic metal