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Dimenzion Psychosphere – DNA Phantom Effect

Written by Claudette Jarvis


Band: Dimenzion Psychosphere

Album: DNA Phantom Effect

Record Label: Unsigned

Release Date: 10/02/2012

Reviewed By: Claudette Jarvis

For Fans of: Industria. Techno, Nordic metal

Standout Tracks: First Blood, Own


Dimenzion Psychosphere are a techno metal band with a distinctly Nordic feel.  The keyboards enhance the heavy riffs and an unmistakably metal bellow coil into a synthesized dance beat.  Songs like First Blood and Own will get people on the dance floor at metal club nights for sure.

Several music techniques merge together in their songs.  In Edge, Speech and Survival the chorus and clean vocals are reminiscent of an Alice in Chains crooning chorus which then flows into a metal punch in the air tune.

This album has an experimental yet cohesive feel to it.  The tracks ‘First Blood’ and ‘Own’ make it worth a listen.

Visit their Facebook page or Website for more info on the band.


SCORE  8 out of 10

AATR Approved

Available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify & WIMP


Track Listing:

1 DNA Phantom Effect

2 Own

3 First Blood

4 Edge

5 Speech

6 Survival

7 Free Wills Demise



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