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Double Experience – 721835 Album review

Written by Chris Key

So I like to do a bit of research on bands I have absolutely no idea about and this one was no different!!

Double Experience or “2X” as I think I’ve seen them called are a “Neo Hard Rock” band from Ottawa Canada. Their website opens up with a little band manifesto for you to look at, a kind of enjoy or your money back guarantee for all you would-be fans. Straight off their site they say:

“Double Experience believe in cold facts.
FACT: You don’t like your time being wasted.
FACT: Double Experience have toured across six countries, performing over 500 shows and travelling over 100,000 miles.
FACT: Double Experience are bringing the “roll” back into rock music
FACT: You have never heard of Double Experience”.

Gotta say, when I saw this I instantly felt something new was on the horizon, then I checked out the album, here it is.

So, they are trying to do something different with rock n roll and you know what, they are. The opener “Gambit” is a bright, energetic edgy track, with one hell of a cool riff thrown in there for fun.

Strange Acquaintance” steps up the frantic colourful riffing to another level, drums stomping all the way through with melody in the tracks flowing mellifluously.

A bit of a fun chant kicks in at the start of “Horror Beyond Imagination”, with some blasts of guitar and then a romping anthemic chorus. It feels like a pick and mix of everything good about hard rock, both old and new, but with a smart approach to the song writing.

Wolf In Ewe” is a big cry baby, wah-wah rock and roller, executed with a great deal of style and humour.

Congratulations On Second Place” has this scratchy super fast thrash riff, coupled with melodic verse/chorus combo used in emo/post hardcore songs and works awesomely well!!

Here’s Y” has a dreamy retro feeling riff, with stripped back instruments and production, vocals as pure and concentrated as a laser beam!! These guys, are enjoying making music and life in general and my god it shows. This song shines through and is just painfully beautiful to behold.

The hilariously named “Thumbsucker” gets back to the all chanting, melody-singing, arse-kicking, riff-strumming action.

Destiny Chile” has that blues tinged groove, coupled with hellbent hard rock riffs. Again the vocals are perfectly orchestrated and simply a joy.

So “Who The Hell?” is the finale and a self-derogatry jab at themselves from the band. Remember, earlier, they said, “You have never heard of Double Experience”, well now you have my friend and for me it’s been a memorable first listen to a band who are willing to see past stereotypes and oft trodden paths of rock n roll and work on something fresh and new.

If your wish is to bask in the glory of a band who are loving what they are doing and producing a slice of beautiful engineered melodic metal, look no further. The future, I am excited about it, as Double Experience exist!!

Double Experience is:
Vocals: Ian Nichols
Guitars: Brock Tinsley
Bass: Tim Kealey
Drums: Kenny Saunders

Score: 9 out of 10

AATR Approved






1. Gambit
2. Strange Acquaintance
3. Horror Beyond Imagination
4. Wolf in the Ewe
5. Congratulations on Second Place
6. Here’s Y
7. Thumbsucker
8. Destiny Chile
9. Who the Hell?

Band: Double Experience
Album: 721835
Record Label: Colfax Rock
Release Date: 1st August 2014
Band Website:
For Fans Of: Fresh, impeccably constructed rock

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