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Dusks Embrace – ReAwakening

Written by Rich Dodgin

Dusks Embrace is a progressive rock / metal band from Salem, Oregon, that has been together since 2006 and has previously released several well-received studio albums.  ReAwakening is their first album with new vocalist, Aldo Arevalo, and is the latest part of the band’s ongoing musical evolution as they  continue to “… write catchy, musically and sonically dense music that still plays on enough pop sensibilities to keep people coming back for more…

Opener, ‘Harbringer‘, starts things off with an intriguing blend of EDM, black metal, and progressive metal – all perfectly combined to create something rather special.  It certainly got my attention, and as soon as I heard this I knew I was going to just love the album!

With Cleansing Flames‘ is more traditionally progressive, but it’s gothic undertones add a dark edge to the sound that follow on nicely from the first track and help maintain the same vibe. 

Face Forward‘ continues in the same vein, but includes some subtle Opeth influences, and some catchy-as-hell guitar work.  ‘Psycasthenia‘ and ‘Reflections‘ are both mellow laid back numbers, that are a nice contrast to what came before, and show that these guys can play the gentle stuff as well as the heavier material.

Lydian Dreams‘ is the most experimental song on the album, with the band switching between fast paced passages and others of almost jazz-like fusion.  ‘Winter’s Epitaph‘ is a haunting number, that manages to sound like the mutant offspring of Coldplay, Porcupine Tree and Opeth – it’s a remarkable piece and my favourite from the album.

ReAwakening‘, is an industrial EDM track that’s quite different from everything that proceeded it… and yet it works perfectly, wrapping things up nicely and ending the album with a sense of finality.

This is a fantastic album from start to finish – with the band demonstrating that it is possible to create music that is both catchy and challenging.  If you’re a fan of progressive rock music then this is definitely worth checking out.

Awesome stuff!

Score: 9 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOdusks-embrace

Record Label

Release Date
15 November 2016

Track Listing
01.  Harbringer
02.  With Cleansing Flames
03.  Face Forward
04.  Psycasthenia
05.  Reflections
06.  Lydian Dreams
07.  Winter’s Epitaph
08.  ReAwakening  

Band Info
Aldo Arevalo – Lead Vocals
Josh Brewer – Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Michael Daniel – Bass
Liam Manley – Drums

Official Website
Official Facebook

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I'm an Edinburgh based fiction writer, cat lover, and metal fan. My favourite genre is thrash metal – in particular those bands from the late 80's early 90's Venice Beach thrash / crossover scene, such as Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, Beowulf, No Mercy, and Uncle Slam. I'm also a huge fan of the Indian metal scene, which is producing some incredible bands and albums.

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