Epica – Retrospect

Epica – Retrospect

2nd November 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

The Dutch symphonic metal band Epica release a new album on Nuclear Blast the albums are covered on CD, DVD and Blu Ray format and was in honour of their 10th anniversary. To further enhance the sound and show how special this one off event was they also invited a 70 piece orchestra, a choir and special guests along with acrobatic displays for visual spectaculars.

With sweeping melodies combined with ghostly vocals and intertwined with electrical power this was always music bred for this type of event. Opener “Introspect” sets the scene as it’s harrowingly beautiful tones sweep across the track before it then explodes into “Monopoly of truth”. Simone Simons’ vocals are majestic and enchantingly powerful live whilst Mark Jansen’s gruff bellows supplies the gritty flipside to enforce the power of the musicianship of the band. One thing that stands out with this album is the power and the weight of the music and the vocals, you can feel the live power – something very few live albums deliver.

With over 26 songs and over two and a half hours long in total this is a hefty album but surprisingly easy to listen to which displays the mastery of the songs held within.

Listening to the cd definitely entices me to see the DVD, I want to see the performance live – such is the strength of the album, and they have definitely made my ‘to see live’ list. The album is an amazing substantial taster and as a result I want more…..

Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved


epica - retrospectALBUM INFO:

Band: Epica
Album: Retrospect
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: 8th November 2013
Band Website: www.epica.nl

Track Listing:

01 – Introspect
02 – Monopoly on Truth
03 – Sensorium
04 – Unleashed
05 – Martyr of the Free Word
06 – Chasing the Dragon
07 – Presto
08 – Never Enough
09 – Stabat Mater Dolorosa
10 – Twin Flames
11 – Serenade of Self-Destruction
12 – Orchestral Medley
13 – The Divine Conspiracy – Anniversary Edition
14 – Delirium
15 – Blank Infinity
16 – The Obsessive Devotion
17 – Retrospect
18 – Battle of the Heroes & Imperial March
19 – Quietus
20 – The Phantom Agony
21 – Cry for the Moon
22 – Sancta Terra
23 – Design Your Universe
24 – Storm the Sorrow
25 – Consign to Oblivion
26 – Outrospect




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