Eva Plays Dead – “The Fix” EP

Eva Plays Dead – “The Fix” EP

4th May 2018 0 By Gavin Griffiths

You can often refer to bands and artists with one of two primary ways; there’s the genre labelling, which usually pigeonhole’s bands to the point where it becomes a stigma in their eyes creatively, though nowadays with so many sub-genre’s blending into one another that’s nigh-on impossible lately (“They’re a progressive post-mathcore electronic death jazz industrial mariachi ensemble”…no…no…they’re not they’re a fucking mess is what they are) or, there’s simply the means of likening an artist to an already established one, to give the listener an idea of what they can potentially expect. Here we have an example of the latter, and it’s a bold example if ever there was one; let me introduce you to EVA PLAYS DEAD. Formed in the area of Nottingham / Derby just a handful of years ago, the 4-piece (Consisting of vocalist Tiggy Dee, guitarist Matt Gascoyne, bassist Zach Shannon and drummer Seb Boyse) have been referred to as the midlands answer to JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS which is high praise if there ever was any! Can they live up to the labelling with EP number two; “The Fix”? Let’s find out shall we!

We begin with “Spin” and we’ve got a frantic opening fuelled by a raw, alternative post-punk approach, for the most part it’s quite high-tempo with a solid pacing, coupled with a strong, assertive chorus with Tiggy properly belting out her vocals, but it is a tad shouty it has to be said, and disappointingly during the verses at least she takes a back seat, almost drowned out by the instrumentation. It’s an intense start full of piss and vinegar and decent opener but in places it almost seems a bit 50/50. “Get Back” follows up and we’re met with a more off-kilter approach musically, fleeting between subtle, progressive post-hardcore influences and simple melodies for a slightly slower track overall, reinforced by its gradual fade-out.

“Colours” provides a midway EP highlight with its strong dose of no-nonsense rock with Tiggy’s lungs erupting once again for an impassioned chorus, and it’s got a wonderfully soothing, almost ambient bridge…the delicacy of this segment alone, however brief, is a welcome inclusion. Penultimate piece “Bones” carries with it all of the frustration and angst of early PARAMORE in places, before they became whatever it is they actually are these days, before we finish up on closing track “Monogamy” and it’s ironically titled, as despite its riffs and bass-heavy lead it does suffer from a case of repetition as it rounds down the closing moments of the EP. The band to be fair are putting the effort in and they’re getting themselves some decent exposure, having toured with ALIEN ANT FARM and NEW YEAR’S DAY for example already, but in terms of quality they’re still a little behind the likes of VUKOVI and THE DIRTY YOUTH overall. I suggest a trip to Holby City to treat Eva and get her fixed herself. She’s no Joan Jett as it turns out but she does love rock ‘n’ roll at least…

Score: 5/10

Track List:

  1. “Spin”
  2. “Get Back”
  3. “Colours”
  4. “Bones”
  5. “Monogamy”

    Release Date:
    April 27th
    Record Label:
    Playing Dead Records

    For all things Eva Plays Dead, click HERE and to purchase the E.P, click HERE


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