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Fields of the Nephilim at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, Dec 22 2017 – SUPPORTS, SALVATION AND SKELETAL FAMILY

Written by Lee Farmery

Back in 1990 there was a 14 yr old kid who very nervously made his way to his first ever concert at The Assembly Hall , Worthing . That kid was me and the band was of course Fields of the Nephilim . Obviously years have passed but my love for the band hasn’t waned.

Anyway ,here I am 27yrs on, still wearing black  and a few more lines on my face .

First band on the bill was Salvation and by all accounts kicked off proceedings well.

Second support was Skeletal Family . This was the first time I had heard and witnessed this band and they definitely did not disappoint as there is nothing worse than being at a gig thinking who the hell had booked that support and why ?

But this band was a great complimentary musical fit .

They hit the stage with great sound , great songs and a strong stage presence . As The Skeletal Family are well established but an unknown band to me I like to draw comparisons . Female fronted with vocal touches of Missing Persons, Hazel O’Connor and Siouxsie and the Banshees .

Musically an identifiable clean punchy delayed guitar much like The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim with tight punchy Bass and Drums . If you get the chance to see Skeletal Family then go!!!!

So it has been about a year and a half since Nephilim played the Kentish Town Forum. This is on another level of busy from then and the room is electric with excitement .

No Fields gig is complete without completely smoking out the venue like gathering  10,000 hipsters with their sub-ohm vapes .

This was the 3rd time I have had the opportunity to see Fields of the Nephilim and quite honestly the best !

The band was on point , the sound is the best I have heard in the Forum from all the gigs I have seen there and Carl McCoy has the audience in the palm of his hand .

Yes I am a fan but I can say I have seen a few gigs of bands that I like recently which I would rather forget but this was far from one of those !

Highlights for me were, Love Under Will which sets a different swaying feel with its 3/4 groove. Moonchild will always be a highlight for any avid fan .( If you don’t know this song then where have you been?)

Psychonaut has always been a favourite of mine with its trance like backing and driving sound.

The close of the gig was Last Exit for the Lost . Slow , Epic and magnificent !

As the last song slowly grinded to a close all I could think was ” Hey, what better to get you in the Xmas spirit than watch a goth gig !” 😉

Set List

(Dead but Dreaming)
At the Gates of Silent Memory
Love Under Will
Zoon (Part 3) (Wake world)
Mourning Sun
Vet for the Insane
Darkcell AD
Last Exit for the Lost
Encore 2:

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Photo courtesy of Lee Farmery

Photo courtesy of Lee Farmery

Photo Courtesy of Lee Farmery


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