Fleshgod Apocalypse – King – CD Review

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King – CD Review

28th February 2016 0 By Frank Rini

Italy’s Fleshgod Apocalypse burst onto the scene in 2007 and then unleashed their debut album, the brutal Oracles, 2 years later.  Fans of Hour of Penance rejoiced and then a year later the band released the Mafia ep.  The blast beats on this ep are simply stunning, but I could tell the band were going to further explore their sound, down the road.  2 years later Fleshgod put out Agony.  I did not like and still do not like their revamped band logo.  I was taken back, although the band announced prior to Agony, they would be retaining their brutality; however would be moving towards a more symphonic sound, with orchestra like arrangements.  I did enjoy Agony, but felt some of the mixing of genres missed its mark.  In 2013, Labyrinth was released and was more blistering and I felt the mixing of the genres was more natural and the songs had a lot more staying power with me.  3 years later and here we are with King, a conceptual album about, I guess, Henry the VIII’s rise and demise.

So how is King, you ask?  Pretty killer and is one of my favorite albums for this year.  The symphonic arrangements are even more seamless and natural and the musical brutality, to me, is more organic, especially in the drum sound.  The production value is still loud and in your face, but the songs rage even harder, than ever.  Take the song “Healing Through War”.  The stop/start guitar riffing and mid-paced crunch is not only memorable, but awe-inspiring in its absolute viciousness!!  “Cold As Perfection” has some outstanding chants, orchestral arrangements and the mid paced riffing at the 2 minute mark will have you hurling your furniture out windows onto parked cars world wide.  King, does still have plenty of blast beats; however they are scaled back a bit more, to let more mid-paced moments and more symphonic elements bleed through.  And for lord lucifer’s sake, I gotta tell you, it really works. Yes, I would like to have had a little more blasting, but for Fleshgod to really embrace this style, I think this needed to happen.  Don’t misunderstand me, though.  This is still an absolute brutal affair, however more bombastic and more epic and truly an exploration into some uncharted waters.

King pushes the boundaries of this style of death metal.  You have the symphonic component, coupled with brutal blast beats, mid-paced tank like bone crushing heaviness, spoken words, pianos, female vocals and an element of atmosphere I am proud to see Fleshgod Apocalypse fully encapsulate with their sound.  If you pick-up the 2 cd deluxe digipak the 2nd cd has orchestral arrangements of the album.  This cd could be played to your Mom and lull her ass to sleep.  It’s interesting and pretty cool to hear.  The packaging is outstanding and the booklet is nicely slapped, stapled and printed.  What Fleshgod Apocalypse has done is unleash a creative, brutal, epic listening experience.  This album has heart, soul and emotive arrangements, that push the boundaries of musical extremity.  Impressive!!  King needs to be in your collection, at once, or risk getting your head lopped off, to roll down a blood red carpet and into an eternal bliss.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

AATR Approved

Fleshgod-Apocalypse-KingALBUM INFO

Track List:

Disc 1
1. Marche Royale
2. In Aeternum
3. Healing Through War
4. The Fool
5. Cold as Perfection
6. Mitra
7. Paramour (Die Leidenschaft bringt Leiden)
8. And the Vulture Beholds
9. Gravity
10. A Million Deaths
11. Syphilis
12. King

Disc 2
1. Marche Royale (Orchestral Version)
2. In Aeternum (Orchestral Version)
3. Healing Through War (Orchestral Version)
4. The Fool (Orchestral Version)
5. Cold as Perfection (Orchestral Version)
6. Mitra (Orchestral Version)
7. And the Vulture Beholds (Orchestral Version)
8. Gravity (Orchestral Version)
9. A Million Deaths (Orchestral Version)
10. Syphilis (Orchestral Version)

Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date:

For Fans of:
Brutal Italian Death Metal/Symphonic Death Metal

Standout Tracks:
In  Aeternum/Healing Through War/A Million Deaths