Hail of Bullets – III: THE Rommel Chronicles

Hail of Bullets – III: THE Rommel Chronicles

22nd November 2013 0 By Frank Rini

Hail of Bullets = 100% quality and if you don’t know this by now than you need to be thrashed from side to side. Ok so a little intro goes right into Swoop of the Falcon and the Bolt Thrower rumbling comes through perfectly with Martin’s vocals sounding killer, song reminds me a bit of Dying Creed, from Bolt Thrower, actually. Pour le Mérite begins with a faster passage and the 1.35 mark is a crucially heavy slow down. DG-7 is one of the best songs the band has ever done. Song begins with the heaviest riff the band has done since their Twisted Sister cover of Destroyer. Holy Mary Mother of God, this riff is HEAVY and song has a resemblance of the first Hail of Bullets album …of Frost and War. The 2.45 mark gets a little guitar solo in there, over the faster passage and a few seconds later LOOK OUT!! Guitar riff gets things going to a killer mid paced chug fest. Super killer and the melodies towards the end are enormous, before going into a nice mid paced rumbling with Van Drunen sounding amazing as he repeats Gespensterdivision! over and over-menacing! Tobruk also is killer with a wonderful bass slide that begins going right in a double bass drum pattern that picks up pace. The 3.10 part is epic with some killer drum work. Death of a Field Marshal closes the album out with an extraordinary heavy, dirty and slower paced number. Actually

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calls to mind their amazing song, General Winter.

HOB last album On Divine Winds was exceptional and so is this new one. The production on III, is less clean sounding, going for a bit of a rawer mix, like their first album with the band having a dirtier guitar sound. The production is amazing. As a prior history major in college many years ago I still believe Van Drunen’s lyrics, for HOB, are among the best in death metal. Factually accurate and true accounts and these lyrics are more of a biography of sorts of Rommel. This is the hardcover media book edition that comes in a beautifully designed hardcover digi-pack with a DVD entitled Bullets over Europe. The DVD includes live performances, videos, backstage antics, with the band and interspersed interviews with MVD on his lyrics for the album and overall musical concept. Also I always love seeing what band shirts members are wearing and kudos to bassist Theo, on the various live portions with his shirt choices. At one show he is sporting a Maveth (Finnish Gods) shirt and in another he is wearing Exorcist Nightmare Theatre-super killer choices. Hail of Bullets continues to excel at their sound and this is the version you want. III: The Rommel Chronicles is amazing and one of the best for 2013. Buy or get steamrolled to death by the treads of the Hail of Bullets militia!

Score: 9.5 out of 10
AATR Approved



Hail of Bullets - III The Rommel ChroniclesALBUM INFO

Record Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 10/28/13
Band Website: www.hailofbullets.com

Track List:

1. Swoop of the Falcon
2. Pour le Mérite
3. DG-7
4. To the Last Breath of Man and Beast
5. DAK
6. The Desert Fox
7. Tobruk
8. Farewell to Africa
9. The Final Front
10. Death of a Field Marshal

For fans of: Asphyx/Bolt Thrower/Humiliation

Standout Tracks: Swoop of the Falcon/DG-7/Death of a Field Marshal