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Hammerfest Day 3 Review

Written by Lindsey

So the final day is upon us here at Hammerfest and the sun is still shining.

After looking after Power Quest this morning while their accommodation was being sorted out which allowed the new guys time to rehearse for their set later on in the day, we had a heart to heart with main man Steve Williams about what the band had been getting up to.

Once the band was sorted out we headed out to see the first band of the day.

We catch Collibus first, a 4 piece progressive metal band from Manchester.

This 4 piece were the first ever metal band to play inside the House Of Commons, and since then have built up an incredible reputation having their tracks played on Scuzz, and playing many many festivals such as Download, Graspop, Sonisphere, Wacken and Bloodstock and now Hammerfest.

These guys certainly wake you up and blast any type of hangover you may have into obliteration.

With Gemma Fox leading the band with her incredible vocal range it’s quite easy to see the passion and power fronting this band, along with incredible musicians.

Stephen Platt shredding away on guitar, a real riff master, mixed with some hearty bass and mesmerising drum rhythms, this band has every element needed and produce a strong set here at Hammerfest.

Next up are Fury who are a 4 piece metal band from Worcester UK.

These guys deliver an amazing arrangement of potent riffs, well arranged rhythms and expansive harmonies, as well as vocals which soar.

The band engages well with the crowds who lap up this bands energetic performance.

Their fun live set draws you into their panoramic experience, which transcends you into an alternative universe.

Their stealth and agility on stage is ten to none, their music you instantly bang your head to, metal at its finest!

We catch King Creature who are ripping it up on stage.

This hard rock band who hail from Par/Looe are giving it some welly here today at Hammerfest and are pulling out all the stops showing the audience what they can do.

With slick grooves, punchy choruses and a fresh style these guys have the crowds bouncing along.

Their versatility shines through as their melodies cut like a knife through butter, blending well with spine tingling vocals, to which the audience salutes them with the metal horns raised in the air.

Next up is a band ive been waiting to see all weekend, my first time seeing them, the almighty Power Quest.

After an exhausting couple of days with 2 of their band members leaving just 2 days before Hammerfest and getting 2 guys to stand in giving them just 24 hours to learn the set, these guys were not about to disappoint their fans here at Hammerfest.

Benjamin Ellis of Scar Symmetry and Andy Kopczyk of I Am I stepped in last minute to help out the band and without them they wouldn’t be here today.

This keyboard driven band has played it safe today given the circumstances to allow the new guys to learn the songs, so they have turned back the clock slightly and gone back to their roots doing songs from the ‘Neverworld’ album.

Even though they have done some old school songs and also a couple off the new EP their songs are crisp and well polished, the band shows a lot of personality within their songs.

The melodies and harmonies don’t over saturate their songs everything is so well balanced it works perfectly.

Ashley Eddisons vocals are on top form, the crowds engage and sing along the atmosphere within the venue bubbling away nicely.

Considering what the band has been through in the last few days, what they have pulled off here today was incredible, if you didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes you wouldn’t have thought they had 2 stands ins, as today’s set was nothing more than masterful.

Next we see Beyond The Black who are a symphonic metal band who hail from Germany.

Their mid paced music builds up into a dramatic theatrical type performance, with swirling melodies, rocking riffs, warm choruses which set the tone.

The front woman of the band is a powerhouse of vocals, but she is more than a singer, if you dig deep you can see how she crafts her songs using her voice which makes her presence even more powerful, she delivers a powerhouse of high notes which flourish effortlessly which accompanied with the band spins into a true work of art.

The rest of the bands drives the songs with crunchy guitars and driving drums which pick the tempo up and sky rockets into a crescendo of harmonies.

A well balanced set from these guys.

Last we see Evil Scarecrow.

Now it’s no secret I’m a fan of these guys and i must have seen them at least 30 times, but these fun filled metallers keep me coming back for more.

I mean where else can you get dancing robots/aliens and crabs? I mean really!

With a packed out venue and everyone scuttling along to the ever famous ‘Crabulon’, some see them as a party piece, but if you can’t have fun at a metal gig then what’s the point?

With Dr Hells fun filled energy which is exerted onto his audience, this was going to be a hard act for any band to follow.

Nottingham’s comedy metallers are a must see, with a rapid growing army of fans because of the lunacy these guys cause sucks you into their madness.

With gritty vocals, huge melodies and impressive guitar work they deliver nothing more than what has to be one of the best performances of the weekend.

You have heard of sacred people walking across water, well their legendary drummer Monty Blitzfist got people to raise their hands in the air with palms flat so he could walk across the top of the crowds while playing his drums!

You aren’t going to see this kind of madness anywhere else!

Another crazy set by these guys and a great way to round off our weekend here at Hammerfest!

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