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You guys have got a great tour lined up for April supporting the fabulous Elvenking , have you got anything special lined up for this? Any guest appearances?

We can’t wait to get out onto the road with Elvenking, it should be a great time for all involved.

We can’t really say what’s going to happen we just get out there and give it our best and hope the crowds enjoy what we have to give really.

You played Heathen Rock festival in Hamburg last month, how did that go for you guys?

Fabulous, a great event with a great line up with the likes of Crematory and Nitrogods playing, we got a great reception from the crowds.

Any fun stories you can tell us about from this event?

Nothing really it was just such a great turn out and the fans were all in high spirits, everyone was revved up for the event.

When your out on tour, on your days off what do you guys like to get upto?

Depends where we are really, we like to go sightseeing, some of us catch up on sleep, we might go out together for something to eat, nothing really exciting.

What was it like being on tour with Equilibrium?

Absolutely mental (the band laughs)

Why was that?

Because we are all as bad as each other (band laughs again).

Some nights we went out and partied.

Sounds like fun to me

Are you guys working on anything at the moment?

We are always writing it doesn’t matter if we finish one project we always have ideas that we throw around, its a constant thing for us to keep ideas fresh.

You guys have played alot of different countries Barcelona, Austria, France, is there anywhere you would like to play that you haven’t played?

We will literally play anywhere, you give us a venue and we will be there.

Your EP ‘YOLO’ , how have your fans reacted to this?

We haven’t had any negative feedback from this, and fans come out to see us still (band laughs).

Thats got to be a good thing right?

I suppose so!

So whats next for the band?

We have Ragnarok festival on the 21st April, followed by the tour with Elvenking, then Full metal Ship which is at the end of April.

Sounds like you’re going to have a busy month ahead guys.

For sure, we do what we love, music is what we do.

Anything you would like to say to your fans before we finish?

Thank you for your time, thanks to the fans for coming out to see us!


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