HELLYEAH – Unden!able – CD review.

HELLYEAH – Unden!able – CD review.

7th June 2016 0 By Malli Malpass

HELLYEAH are back, all capital letters and zero chill. ‘Unden!able’ fell into my fervent ears today with all the weight of Vinnie Paul’s VIP bar tab at the opening night of a new Fort Worth, Texas strip club. Even after four albums together it still can’t be easy for HELLYEAH to create and play music in the very big shadows of giants, Pantera and MudVayne. Every crunchy, distorted note from the guitar, every vocal growl and each characteristically tight drum beat is faced with eager expectation and scathing criticism by the fans if the benchmark target isn’t hit dead centre, splitting the arrow of their predecessors in twain. With this, their 5th album, HELLYEAH have firmly concreted themselves as very much their own band.

It’s clear from the outset that they mean business. HELLYEAH have never been afraid to mix up styles of rock and metal from one track to the next and this album is no exception. Opener ‘X’ is a slamming, thunderous chug fest, driven brilliantly by Chad Gray’s famously rhythmic, erratic, unhinged vocal style. Making it a sure-fire circle pit catalyst. In contrast, track five ‘Human’ is a catchy, vocal hook laden, anthemic monster that soars aggressively out of your speakers and will undoubtedly have the crowds passionately singing the chorus back at the band, live. These diverse elements continue to effortlessly ebb and flow through out this album. The mix of heavy groove, infectious melody and clever, well thought out track placement, ensures that ‘Unden!able’ doesn’t go stale for a second, making it a must on any self-respecting, hard rocking playlist.

This album is a huge summer banger that’s brilliantly executed, fluidly cohesive and delivers all the alcohol fuelled, cock sure potency you’d expect from Vinnie Paul and Co. But does it warrant a full AATR approved rating? HELLYEAH!


Record label

Eleven Seven Music.

Release date.


Track Listing
1) !

2) X

3) Scratch A Lie

4) Be Unden!able

5) Human

6) Leap of Faith

07) Blood Plague

8) I Don’t Care Anymore

9) Live Or Die

10) Love Falls

11) 10-34


13) Grave

Score 10/10 stamp-e1378235268365

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