Interview with Maveth guitarist/vocalist, Christbutcher

Interview with Maveth guitarist/vocalist, Christbutcher

22nd November 2013 0 By Frank Rini

AHHHHH, Finland, with its endless amount of killer bands and at the front of the pack is Maveth. I first heard them when I purchased their debut album, Coils of the Black Earth, a year ago, out on Dark Descent Records. This is one of my favorite albums that I own, and I own a freakin’ lot of stuff. Anyone bothering to read my cd reviews or interviews knows that I love the Finnish scene. The bands use extraordinary atmosphere combined with evil and dark riffs that capture the listener’s attention and the song writing is incredible. Maveth are a band that uses some atmosphere in their guitar melodies that are just plain evil. They are exceptionally brutal and the fact that they can craft such memorable songs shows what strong songwriters they are. Just listen to Hymn to Azael to understand what the hell I’m talking about. The artwork on the album cover and inside the booklet is some of the best ink work I’ve ever seen in a cd. The booklet looks like some ancient scroll drawn from the hands of demons, trying to possess the reader with their twisted thoughts and desires. Their other release is Breath of an Abomination and that contains their previous demo/ep work; Of Serpent and Shadow and Impious Servant. 2 unreal releases that showcase the direction the band were heading in and the recordings are killer and have the same evilness that would eventually turn up on the debut cd. Christbutcher, an American native, is a real down to earth individual who actually sent me a pre-production demo for a new song and all I can say is Holy Crap!!! The song destroys and it was just a pre-recording, without vocals. This band is special in their brutality and craftsmanship. You need to support Maveth and read this interview

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with guitarist/vocalist Christbutcher who explains the inner workings behind what makes the band tick!

Interview with Maveth guitarist/vocalist, Christbutcher
By Frank Rini


Christbutcher1. What is your name and what do you play in Maveth? What does Maveth mean and why did you choose it?

The name was actually offered up by a long time friend of mine. He is also the man who writes the lyrics for Maveth. It purely means “death”.


2. How have you guys developed since your demos?

Well, when we started Maveth I just gathered all my unused riffs together and made it a point to give them a home. Riffs I loved but they just never fit the bands I was in at the time. So I based the style off what I was writing so many years ago. Now, I’ve basically used everything from my previous library so, everything from this point on will be all new stuff. Don’t get me wrong……. there are TONS of new riffs in both the demos and “Coils….” but, a lot of the songs revolved or were born around one or two of those ancient riffs I had in my back pocket. I’d say the new material is turning out much more obscure, and darker than what we started out sounding like.


3. You guys have a bit of a different style than other Finnish DM bands? You guys, kinda just go straight for the throat brutality, w/speed and crushing rhythms, while the other bands add more atmosphere? Do you feel this makes you stand out more?

Perhaps we stand out in Finland, but I couldn’t really say one way or the other. I hope we do! The difference in style is easily summed up though……. I write 95% of the material and well, I’m not Finnish. So, my music certainly doesn’t have any classic roots in the Finnish death metal scene at all. Not much more I can say other than that really.

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I’ve always been a fan of Finnish death metal, so for Maveth to be put in that category is no insult…….. It’s just not the category I myself would put us in. We’re death metal.


Maveth Album Art 24. What are your long term plans for Maveth and as a musician?

We don’t think that far ahead. There are new songs coming at the moment so we’ll do some recording in the fall for either an EP or even a split. It’s too early after the release of our full length to plan a new full length. Other than that…… we’re really trying to get some shows abroad, a mini tour is being tossed around in our heads with a few Finnish death metal bands…. too early to say who, when, or where. But not too far off.


5. What bands would you like to tour with and what are your inspirations?

Fuck, there are so many bands we’d like to hit the road with these days. A lot of our friends are also labelmates here so, name ANY of those bands. Very exciting music coming from this small but mighty country. And more on the horizon I can tell you!!!


6. What is the concept behind Coils..? The pen ink album cover and inside booklet is so unreal, what made you decide to do this and how did you get the artist to do something so fuckin evil?

We just sent preproduction recordings to Daniel, and let him come up with what inspired him. His mind is twisted beyond any normal person I know as far as what he creates with ink. He was concerned about the amount of time he had available to finish everything for us, but then one day he told me “I’d like to handwrite ALL text in the booklet.” I just thought, fuck…… knock yourself out man! Hahaha. So, he was given full freedom to experiment and fulfill this vision he had for the booklet. He already has new ideas for the next album actually.


7. Ok, so what’s up with the Christbutcher nickname? C’mon do you work for some secret service govt agency that prohibits your identity from being released?

Nothing special like that. I thought of the name as a band name or something when I was in high school. And somewhere down the line one of my friends started calling ME by that name. And it just kinda stuck from there…..seemed appropriate as a pseudonym.


Maveth Album Art8. Do you go to local shows and support other bands? What would be your advice to other bands starting out?

ABSOLUTELY!! I like to be at the venues early so I can be there, in the crowd, for the opening acts of bigger shows. And I show up to as many of the all local shows I can. It pisses me off when people complain about having no scene, and then they themselves can’t be bothered to GO to the local shows. Especially other musicians in the scene. Who the fuck do they think they are if they expect everyone to come to their show, but are never found supporting other bands as well? It’s more common here, than it is in the states. At least in Colorado. Rocky Mountain bands have always been awesome in supporting each other, and the music scene in Colorado is noticeably strong because of it. I hope I see more of that behavior in Finland in the future! As for advice for other bands, I don’t know. Do it because you love being a musician and never, for one second think that you “deserve” anything other than self gratification. Otherwise you’ll start to resent being in a band, thinking you should gain more from it than you ever actually will.


9. Do you guys have any major shows planned/touring? Looking into ideas for yer next cd?

Nothing “planned” at the moment. We took some time away from shows and festivals this summer so we can concentrate on some new material. We have 3 new songs completed, and enough random material for 3 more easily. We plan to try recording 2 new songs this autumn for an EP or even a split if the opportunity comes. And so we’ll record a proper follow up album in 2014. But, we can’t promise anything as it’s all just rough ideas and works in progress. We’ve been discussing a short EU tour with some fellow death metal bands from Finland next spring. But, again, this is nothing more than bar talk and drunken ranting at this point! hahaha


10. Final thoughts/questions for the readers?

No words of wisdom or witty exit lines here. Just thanks to you and all other TRUE supporters of our small but elite scene. Maveth is on the brink of becoming everything I ever envisioned my music

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to be and I’m anxious to unleash it to the world. Hope to see some supporters on the road soon! And I hope to bring this beast to the states in the future as well!

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