Interview with Astronomikon and Arrayan Path bassist, Paris Lambrou

Interview with Astronomikon and Arrayan Path bassist, Paris Lambrou

13th August 2013 0 By Frank Rini

When listening to Power Metal, you can’t help but have a smile on your face; it puts you in a good mood. It could be the positive/mystical type of lyrics, the galloping beats, soaring vocals or just the intense musicianship that usually surrounds these types of bands. Christ all Mighty, Astronomikon’s debut Dark Gorgon Rising is such a spectacular album, that mark my words this will be regarded as a classic down the road. I love this album immensely and this is one of the best albums of 2013, for me. I gave it a 9.5/10 on this site, not too long ago. If you like Power Metal this is a no brainer, just pick this sucker up and you will not be able to get the melodies or choruses out of your head.

So catchy in fact my daughter was humming the beginning of Witch Hunter recently-you will see what I mean. Crafting the debut around Greek Mythology and just massive riffs etc, I cannot stop from gushing over this album.

Their bass player, Paris, is a killer musician and dude and he was nice enough to do the interview with me. Simply put just get yourselves some gyros and spanikopita and devour the delicious food as your eyes devour this interview…..Medusa is watching you turn to stone if somehow you forget to buy this album…….

Interview with Astronomikon and Arrayan Path bassist, Paris Lambrou
By Frank Rini 6/6/13

Astronomikon Dark Gorgon Rising1. Congratulations on your debut cd, it is incredible. How has the reaction been and how is your label support?

Hello Frank, Thanks a lot!!!

Well, the reviews we get are great! Our album is being received very well everywhere. Every day we get mail from people who want to thank us for our music. The reaction is very positive. It is also very important for us, that we had so many flattering comments regarding our song “Witch Hunter” from people we respect and people who influenced our music such as Ross “The Boss” (Manowar founding member), Bill Tsamis (Warlord), Jack Starr (Virgin Steele founding member), Kenny Powell (Omen) and others.

Our label Pure Steel/Pure Legend Records is doing a great job. We are very happy about everything.

2. So how is the power metal/metal scene in general in Cyprus? Do you play a lot of shows? Any memorable ones?

The metal scene in Cyprus is at an infant stage but it is getting stronger. Just recently, a few bands have started working more professionally. There are good bands in all kinds of metal like Blynd, Quadraphonic, Armageddon, R.u.s.t., Vomitile, Stormcast, Winter’s Verge, Lethal Saint, Hard Raw, Soulsteal, Solitary Sabred and… Arrayan Path of course!

Astronomikon Dark Gorgon Rising Demo3. So how come Power Metal? Why play this form of music?

Actually we’d call it just heavy metal. We don’t want to be a copy band, even though we don’t have a problem to show our influences. We believe that our music is different and unique, in the way that our rock and metal influences are blended together with classical music, our homeland’s Mediterranean and other exotic elements.

This band was created with a specific concept, to draw inspiration from the sky, which is the biggest book of mythology. I’m in love with the night sky, and everyone in the band loves mythology. We decided to write songs that are talking about the myths and legends of different cultures, around the world, depicted in the sky.

The characters of the story in our debut, Perseas, Andromeda, Medusa and Pegasus are all constellations in the sky. We had never worked on a concept before, and we decided to bring to life the metal version of the fascinating myth of Perseas.

4. Was the lyrics on your album easy, in a sense to come up with? Since I figure you guys grew up with Greek mythology as stories and such?

Through the music and lyrics, we tried to achieve the contrast in emotions according to the original story. Each song should be considered as an episode of the myth.

Yes, we grew up with these stories. Behind every myth there are certain teachings. For us the myth of Perseas is about the courage to face life’s difficulties, the hope for a better tomorrow, and the power to be free. The message we want to pass is that nothing is impossible.

Astronomikon5. I noticed a very strong emotional connection to your music, in terms of catchiness, riff and choruses. Tell us what goes into the creation of yer songs and how long it takes to complete a song?

Melody is one of the most important factors in our music. We try of course to support melody with strong and powerful rhythms. I think the powerful production combined with our orchestrations and way of writing music, result in a glorious, triumphant, epic sound.
Inspiration comes anywhere, anytime. I may be in a restaurant, in a pub, at work or out in the nature, and a new melody starts ringing in my head. If I like it, I grab my phone and record it. If I like it a lot, I cannot rest until I write a new song with it. Sometimes it might take only just a few hours to complete a song.

6. What is the band up to now, any tours planned?

We already have some offers to play some Festivals. At this stage we are examining all the options and hopefully soon a live schedule will be announced. I can’t say more at this moment as nothing has been decided yet.

7. What are your main influences, both personally and musically?

We grew up in the 80’s and 90’s with metal bands such as Manowar, Iron Maiden, Riot, Dio, Crimson Glory, Savatage, Fates Warning, Judas Priest, Helloween, Accept, Queensryche, Yngwie Malmsteen and many others. My personal influences surpass the boundaries of metal and as a musician I can find interesting elements in all kinds of music.

8. So I love me some Greek food, whether it’s spanikopita, grape leaves or

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Mousaka, did you guys have traditional Greek upbringings and do you guys cook any of the foods that I mentioned?

Yes of course, we love Mediterranean/Greek food, and yes we did have traditional Greek upbringings. Personally I love to cook especially when mixing various ingredients. It gives me the sense that I’m a magician trying to create a magic filter

Astronomikon Logo9. What is currently in your iPod right now, besides the Helloween Keeper of the Seven keys? I mean this only as a compliment, since those 2 albums are the best power metal albums ever made and I notice a strong influence from those albums on your debut

You are right. Those two albums defined Power Metal. I love them. Of course it’s a big compliment to compare our music to those albums.

10. How would you like Astronomikon to progress, direction, goals??

Very soon, we will start working on our next album. So the plan is to offer good music once every 1-2 years.

11.Last thoughts/comments for our readers?

Thank you for this interview. We want to ask your readers to spend a few minutes to listen to our music. If anyone wants to learn more or to purchase our debut album and merchandise, please visit our official webpages: (“0” are zeroes)