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Written by Rich Dodgin

With the awesome Heavy Scotland metal festival fast approaching, we decided to catch up with the guys from Edinburgh based thrashers Disposable to find out what makes them tick and what the audience can expect from their forthcoming appearance at Heavy Scotland.


Hi guys, first of all a huge thank you for agreeing to this interview and giving our readers a chance to learn more about Disposable!

I was lucky enough to see you guys at the launch for your awesome 2014 album “At the Foot of the World”, so I know you guys are gonna blow everyone away when you play at Heavy Scotland. How are you guys feeling about playing as part of such an incredible 2 day festival with such a fantastic line up? What can we expect to see from you guys at Heavy Scotland?

It’s no problem! Thanks for getting in touch. Firstly, cheers for coming to the album launch show even though that was ages ago. That was one of the best for us. 

As for Heavy Scotland, we’re feeling pretty good about it. It will be our first show in about 6 months so there is a bit of excitement and tension there regardless of the great line up, theres that little buzz there anyway because its been so long. It’s going to be cool to play along side some great bands, a few of which are some of my favourites of all time. So that is kind of surreal. Its nice to be a part of a line up like that, especially being from Edinburgh, it makes us feel like we’ve earned it here. A few people have given us the “How the fuck did you get on a line up like that?!” and it’s a bit like, yeah this is an amazing line up to play with, but we’ve been grafting shows in Edinburgh for the best part of 6 years now. Any of the metal bands in Edinburgh that have played together that long could rightfully be on the bill, I think. We’re going into the festival with a level head, other than brushing up a song or two that we haven’t played in a while, people can expect the same fun and energetic live show that we intend to put on no matter what the gig is. 

I know Disposable has been together since 2009, but would you mind giving our readers a history of the band?

Aye, we’ve kind of been together since 2009. I’ll keep it brief cause for the most part its just normal shit. Me, Andrew and Liam met at high school ages ago and started the whole thing, we then found Jack through an advert on gumtree. We were actually specifically trying to find Jack because we had met him before but couldn’t remember his name, so it was pretty lucky he just happened to be the only ad on gumtree wanting to join a metal band. From there we played a bunch of shows in Scotland, did the album, played a bunch more shows that were a bit better than before, did the EP, played a bunch more shows that were a bit better than the ones that were a bit better than before. We made an effort to start playing in places we had never been to before, and thats pretty much what we’re continuing to do at this point. And here we are!

Could you tell us a little about each member of the band?

Aye, I suppose. I’m (William) the vocalist and bassist, I like listening to all kinds of music, I love James Bond, I love playing pool – especially beating Den from Kingpin at 9 ball, and I work full time in a shop. Andrew, one of our guitarists likes music, playing Counter Strike on his computer, loves skiiing and sharing vegan posts on Facebook. Jack, the other gutiarist loves metal, TV, smoking up and climbing dangerously up stupidly tall buildings Edinburgh. Liam the drummer loves all kinds of music, playing in his Ska band, playing in any kind of band actually, watching TV, eating dinner and getting a good nights sleep. 

What is the writing and recording process for Disposable?

The writing process in the past has been kind of a 4 stage thing. I’ll write something, send it on to the next person which is usually Andy, who will critique it brutally. If it passes that test it kind of moves forward, if not i’ll either scrap it or re jig it. Then from there it goes to Jack and Liam who will add bits and bobs and ideas and stuff. Then we’ll start actually playing it in the practice room, then we’ll put lyrics on top. The recording process, for the EP at least, was to demo all the songs before going into the studio to act as scratch tracks. Liam puts the drums down, I put the bass down, Andy and Jack put guitars down, then we add anything extra musically that we want, then we do vocals. It’s pretty standard recording wise.

Do you guys enjoy the experience of playing live, or the recording / studio side of things?

We’re probably all a bit different in that respect, but I think generally we prefer playing live. We’re a lot more self critical in a studio environment than we are a live environment, so there is more chance to let loose and have fun playing live. Its a more energetic setting. We do like studio stuff too, but in terms of pure enjoyment it has to be the live thing for us. 

How would you describe the attitude / vision of the band?

Probably just as a focused chaos. We like the underground, small club show vibe. Our live set has a ‘punk’ element in the fact we go for energetic, balls to the wall performance over tight and precise. Hopefully it’s still tight, though! We just try to have fun on stage, and write music that we enjoy off stage. The vision has been changing a little recently, so it will be interesting to see where that takes us. 

After Heavy Scotland, what will be next for Disposable? You released the incrediible “Life Misguided” in July 2016, are you working on any new material at the moment? Do you have any more plans for more live gigs?

Things are going to go in a different direction after Heavy Scotland for sure. We have a bunch of things in the works that are going to throw a spanner into the whole thing. We’ve put a relatively big stamp on the writing session for Album 2, though. So that is definitely one of the goals for 2017. We are definitely looking into more live shows, we have a couple coming up in Ireland right after Heavy Scotland, then a few more in place. We’ll be adding to that list pretty soon and getting ourselves back out there. But there will be some interesting changes coming very soon. 

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Just to check us out, check Heavy Scotland out, and enjoy the rest of your day! 

Many thanks for your time today!

No problem! Spooks!


Disposable are playing at Heavy Scotland on Sunday 2nd April.

Heavy Scotland takes place at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on 1 & 2 April 2017 – tickets are available now from the website:

Disposable official Facebook     Heavy Scotland official Facebook

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