Interview with Internal Bleeding drummer, Bill Tolley:

Bill Tolley


Interviewing Bill was really cool we went back in time discussing events of the past as well as the present.  I had tons of fun with him, while I was in IB and he is responsible for encouraging me to be a death metal singer.  

I used to go to shows with him many years ago and I would growl at the shows and he said one time, ‘you have a sicko voice, you should sing in a band’. I blew it off until the day I decided to try out for IB, summer of ’94.  

Bill is a great drummer who always has a cool demeanor about him, which probably suits him well in his profession, as well, during stressful times.  Internal Bleeding are finally getting some much overdue respect for helping to create what is now known as slam death metal.  

With a new album in the works and generating multiple label interests IB are setting forth for world domination.  I have heard their unreleased demo, that is being shopped around to labels, and I can say it fuckin’ destroys.  Massive slams, heaviness and really catchy.  This is really powerful stuff that will lay waste to the pretenders out there.  

I’ll be doing some guest vocals on the new album and I plan on making it as fuckin’ brutal as humanely possible.   IB has influenced countless bands over the years, but when it comes down to it and you can quote me on this; Internal Bleeding creates more slam riffs than Florida has sinkholes!!  So sit back, eat some NY pizza and read what is going on in IB and Bill’s world.  

Interview with Internal Bleeding drummer, Bill Tolley:
By Frank Rini 4/30/13

1) Why drums & when did you start playing

As a kid I was always banging on stuff, tapping my feet under the kitchen table and air drumming. I was also involved with percussion in my school band in elementary school. So at around age 8 my parents went out and got me a used 4 piece Gretsch drum set. This kit was so cool looking, it had like a black and white marble look.

2) What have you been doing outside of drumming?  Work/Family?

When I am not drumming or playing shows with IB, I work at the Fire Department for the City of New York. When I am not working I also watch my 4 year old at home. I am a family guy. I love spending time with my wife and daughter doing all sorts of fun stuff together.
Internal Bleeding

3) Being a fellow Italian New Yorker, like me, what is your fave types of pasta and pizza toppings?

Oh man, I LOVE all sorts of Italian food. My favorite pasta would have to be Penne. It compliments just about anything. The best is a good gravy soaked up in the pasta. Yummy, I’m getting hungry thinking about it. I love fresh garlic on my pizza. It’s not as potent as you think.

4) Being in the band with you, back in the 90’s & when I played with IB, last summer, some things stood out, the main thing is you’re very calm when blasting behind the kit.  You seem very comfortable and not too stressed.  This is awesome, but were you always like this and how do you remain so calm back there?

Wow that was a great time, and was an honor jamming with you Frank, it brought a tear to my eye when you came up last summer and did Languish In Despair with us (what a rush)! As far playing behind the kit I really get into what I do, I am strictly business.  I guess I never critiqued myself on my playing style, but I have heard from other people mentioning my calm style as well. When it comes to music especially Death Metal, us drummers need to stay focused. A few mentions that stress me out are when I don’t have my fan behind the kit. It gets friggin’ hot back there under the lights. I need to keep cool. Pun Intended! Hahaha!

5) Are you happy with the new IB tunes and how they extend the slams?  How much do you contribute to the writing process and how is writing different now than yrs ago?

I am extremely happy with the new IB material. It’s our best to date. I am really looking forward to getting the material out to the fans. We do play the new material at our live shows and they have been going over very well. We all contribute to the writing process. It has definitely changed over the years. I used to write on a napkin when I had an idea. Nowadays, I love using the voice memo feature on the iphone it comes in very handy. I’ll be driving along in my car or taking a shower when I riff comes to mind and I’ll hum it in the phone. It’s hysterical listening to

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6) Knowing you have a career/family, how do you manage to play shows, still, going out of state, the country, in terms of your work leave policy and is it stressful being away from your family?

My job and my family are awesome. My guys work with me, when I need time off for a show they step up and fill in for me at work. No other job in the world can compare to what I do. Everyone is very supportive and understanding. I indeed miss my family when I am out of town. Thank god for Face time. Lol!

Internal Bleeding
7) IB is getting a lot of respect, much deserving now, with this younger generation, something that was missing yrs ago.  It’s amazing?  How do you feel this helps the band and what are your thought on this?

It feels good knowing we finally are getting respect for what we helped create so long ago. With this younger generation into death metal, it helps get the word out for our music.

8) When we were in IB together, you were offered to play drums for Hatebreed, when they were unsigned, I remember, for some gigs.  Jamey Jasta would come to our shows.  You turned them down, do you regret that decision?

I remember booking shows with Hatebreed back in the day. We played a boat load of shows together. It’s amazing how far Jamey and Hatebreed have come. When there first album came out they were about to go out on a U.S Tour for about a month. They asked me to fill in for their drummer for the tour but I told them I could not because the same week Hatebreed asked me I was offered a sick promotion at work (Fedex at the time) that I just could not turn down. I was sick over it. I should have just gone with my heart and gut feeling and went out touring with Hatebreed. If I could go back in time I would have done it. It was an honor to be asked to do that.

9) Where do you hope the new IB takes you and the band?  What are you currently listening to now?

Well we had the opportunity to play Switzerland and The Netherlands a few years ago, which was an amazing experience. I hope this new material gets out to all our fans worldwide and would love to follow it up with a tour. I am currently listening to the new Suffocation and Dehumanized which are both mind blowing. A lot of great bands out there. If you have not already, check out our fellow Long Island boys (The Merciless Concept)

10) Any final thoughts/comments for the readers?

Thank you very much for the interview and also it is an honor having you part of the Internal Bleeding legacy. Frank, you are the man. I big horns up and thanks to all of our IB fans worldwide. We hope to see you soon

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Frank is better known as singing on the first two Internal Bleeding albums 'Voracious Contempt' and 'The Extinction of Benevolence'. He loves Death Metal, Thrash and Grindcore and really wants to spread Extreme Music to as many people as possible.


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