Joe Bonamassa – A New Day Yesterday (20th Anniversary Edition): A Review

Joe Bonamassa – A New Day Yesterday (20th Anniversary Edition): A Review

13th August 2020 0 By Owen Edmonds

Well I’m back with Joe Bonamassa for yet another album.

However, unlike some recent examples, this is one that I know and love. In fact, this was the first JB album I ever bought and listened too albeit some 5 years after it was released. Some of the tracks have been on my playlist for the past 15 years.

So is there anything new about this version of a classic JB album? Well, yes actually. Quite a lot.

Aside from being remastered JB has re-sung every vocal on the album. And I’ll be honest, it works. JB’s vocals have matured over the last 20 years and he’s learned how to best use his voice which was always a concern in his early work.

The album also gives us 3 new ‘bonus’ tracks written and recorded with Steven Van Zandt (E-Street Band) and these are really good with almost a punk feel to them (especially I Want You and Hey Mona).

I guess you now expect me to give this a glowing finish and a nice 8.5/10. Well, that ain’t gonna happen.

Why Bother?

George Lucas made Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977 and a lot of us loved it. Then he re-jigged it, added some new computer graphics, changed bits and bobs, made Greedo fire first, added an awful Jabba scene. Made the new versions not as good as the original.

And I can’t help but feel that JB has done the same.

Sure, his voice is better, the remasters sound better. But this album is his first one. It’s not supposed to sound incredible, it’s supposed to be a little rough at the edges. That’s what I like about it. You don’t have Metallica going back to Master of Puppets and re-record the solos (although I wish they would re-record the drums but use someone other than Tin Can Ulrich).

Sure, re-master the album, equalise all the levels etc but there’s no need to change it. By doing so you remove what made it sound good in the first place, you sanitise it. I am not a fan of this approach at all.


I really like the original version of the album but I guess this is JB proving once again that he just can’t sit still. I can imagine him fidgeting, leg bouncing up and down unable to just sit and be still. I wish he would take some time and craft a new album of all original material. Most importantly, take some time. We don’t need more live albums, or random covers or re-recordings of classic albums.

Score 4/10

Track Listing

  1. Cradle Rock
  2. Walk in my Shadows
  3. A New Day Yesterday
  4. I know where I belong
  5. Miss You, Hate You
  6. Nuthin’ I wouldn’t do (For a woman like you)
  7. Colour and Shape
  8. Headaches and Heartbreaks 
  9. Trouble waiting
  10. If Heartaches were Nickels
  11. Current Situation
  12. Don’t Burn Down That Bridge
  13. Hey Mona (Bonus)
  14. I Want You (Bonus)
  15. Line of Denial (Bonus)
    Release Date
    7th August 2020

    For all things Joe Bonamassa, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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