Junkyard Choir – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Junkyard Choir – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

3rd May 2015 0 By Chris Key

The Brighton Blues Duo making an explosion on the scene are the Junkyard Choir, who sum themselves up perfectly.

Mark Woods and Tom Herbert draw on their heritage and say the following about themselves:

“One half Scottish grit, the other half Caribbean spice; one hundred percent rum-sipping south coast blues-grunge explosion. Formerly trading as ‘Dos Hermanos Locos”.

The vocals and the guitars bellow on the first track “Vaya Con Dios.” Large would be an understatement, with this grand opening and statement of intent.

This is Dirty Blues music but with modern rock sensibilities and touches, which can be heard on “Get It On”. And, as with any well balanced band you have the slow song. For Junkyard Choir it comes in the form of “Oh Have Mercy”. With gruff and emotive vocals and an authenticity of blues, far detached from their home town of Brighton, these guys are good.

The swagger, liquor-sipping, balls-out rock and roll starts in earnest on “Let The Good Times Roll”. It’s solid, soulful stuff. “Hold Fast” has a lazy afternoon, bluesy feel to it, half rapped and half sung, it’s got a hazy and warm feeling to it. The guitar licks are cool and nonchalant, but as sharp as a knife, punctuated with chanting and vocal melody. It’s infectious.

The retro feel just keeps on, with “Shake Your Tambourine”. For the amp geeks out there, listening to this is like listening to a masterclass played on a antique Mesa Boogie vintage amp. These tones feel like they are being transported to you, from a time gone by, matched perfectly by the vocals.

“Sun Moon Stars” is a short-lived distortion lead romp and “Rehab” is a more low key, anthemic sing-a-long. The guitars are beefed up considerably and the verse and chorus feels nostalgically grungy, like Stone Temple Pilots or Faith No More could have penned it. The crunchy crescendo it builds up to is completely audacious too.

“The Wolf” is an oddball blues track, but shows the bands diverse material off, they do weird too and it still rocks! “Let Your Love Roll In” unleashes the shimmering beauty of a Moog and mellow guitar combo, jaw-dropping, it truly is!! The personality and nuance injected into each vocal syllable is also truly remarkable and just as noteworthy.

“Sweet Marylou” ends what has been at times a fuzz-driven hell-ride of a blues album and at others a indescribably beautiful journey through sonic bliss.

Make no bones about this, this is authentic, as authentic as it gets. Junkyard Choir do whiskey chasing, booty shakin’ rock and roll and jaw-dropping gorgeous anthems, all rolled up in one album. Albums like this don’t come around often enough. Big things are due for these people, big things if there is any justice out there.

Score:10 out of 10
AATR Approved

Junkyard ChoirALBUM INFO


1.. Vaya Con Dios
2.. Get It On
3.. Oh Have Mercy
4…Let TheGood Times Roll
5.. Hold Fast
6… Shake Your Tambourine
7…Sun Moon Stars
8… Rehab
9… The Wolf
10.. Let Your Love Roll In
11.. Sweet Marylou

Record Label:
Self Released

Release Date:
24th April 2015

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Dirty Blues Rock