The Kennedy Veil – Imperium Album Review

The Kennedy Veil – Imperium Album Review

30th October 2017 1 By Frank Rini

Hey…what’s that smell??  Christ, one of my cats, who has G.I. issues and does not cover her poo in the litter box, dropped another deuce…..But I give her B-12 injections every other week to keep her ass from collapsing.  But it’s getting to the point where I just may have to cut the cord, get the vet to give her some pink juice and let her go into an eternal sleep.  It’s just too much work, but I care about her.  Oh damn, I’m doing a review….California’s The Kennedy Veil have been around since 2009 and released 2 prior albums: The Sentence of their Conqueror in 2011 and Trinity of the Falsehood in 2014.  Imperium is their newest album and well…hmmmm..well…  I do not feel The Kennedy Veil is in touch with the death metal scene, or the releases on their label, Unique Leader Records. 

3 years ago, my former band, Internal Bleeding, released their fifth album, titled Imperium, which I guested on a few tracks.  Imperium, from Internal Bleeding, was and is a monstrous album.  The Kennedy Veil’s Imperium is not! 

Hey, you know back in the day if your friend broke up with his girlfriend, and you thought she was hot, you would ask, “Hey bud, you’re no longer dating her, can I?”  Granted an awkward situation and your friend may give you a hospital job in the process, but then again they could say: “Hey I don’t give a shit, you can date her”.  Catch my drift???? 


If you know a band had used an album name prior to you wanting to use it, you should ask the goddamned band.  What ever happened to picking up the phone?  Hey Kennedy Veil, you’re on the same label.  Know your roster, know your death metal.  Eric, could have given you IB’s number to call. 

Also, if I was the label owner, Eric, I would have told TKV,: “Hey guys I just released Internal Bleeding’s album, title Imperium a few years ago, could you please choose another name?”  I even threw in Please, for shits and giggles.  Hell, that’s what I would have done.  At the end of the day there are a bajillion words the band could have used as an album title.  This just shows The Kennedy Veil are not in touch with the scene or the roster.  Crap like this makes me angry. 

Anyway this album opens with “Godslaughter”. Triggered as crap drums and the band incorporated a little symphonic element to their mix.  The song blasts, has breakdowns and vocals ranging from shrieks, gang vocals and gruff growls.  I cannot remember a single riff to this song.  There are some nice blasting elements, but nothing sounds organic.  

“Hunted to Extinction” has some nice blasts, again, but nothing is organic.  This is computerized, clinical death metal, with no soul.  It appears the band wants to potentially break into the symphonic death metal crowd, with putting in pieces, similar to Fleshgod Apocalypse, but nothing remotely close to that upper tier of symphonic death metal, which F.A. plays with class and soul. 

Those upper register screams, TKV uses annoy the piss out of me.  Hey as I digress……stay with me.  Years ago, in the late 70’s early 80’s, in NY, I would get the Atlanta station t.v. feed every Saturday around 5pm, and it was the NWA wrestling network.  So one of my favorite wrestlers was Ronnie Garvin “The Man With the Hands of Stone”.  He would have fights with Jake “The Snake” Roberts and others.  Garvin’s signature moves were he would just punch you sometimes once, other times multiple times and knock you the hell out.  Absolutely ridiculous and hysterical.  That’s what I want to do with The Kennedy Veil’s Imperium.  I want to do a Ronnie Garvin number on this and give it a hospital job in the process, maybe even a morgue job for that matter. 

At the end of the day The Kennedy Veil’s tweener fans will buy this album by the truckloads.  They will buy the band’s albums, bracelets, shirts, headbands, litter scoopers, you name it.  But I urge this band to get more in touch with the death metal scene, their roster, write memorable music, become original and stop poaching other bands ideas and issue a direct apology to Internal Bleeding for poaching the Imperium album name.  This album blows.

For Fans of: Soulless Tech-Death Metal

1.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

1 Godslaughter
2 Legacy Left
3 Hunted to Extinction
4 Draconia
5 Last Born
6 Flesh of the Sun
7 Dawning of Wrathful Deities
8 Seething Rot

Record Label:
Unique Leader

Release Date:
20th October 2017