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Written by Andy Davis

I’ve always been a fan of watching support acts to the larger more established bands when attending live gigs. You never know when you’ll see and hear something special and back in January 2015 was one such occasion. Opening for Slipknot at the Glasgow Hydro Arena, King 810 smacked me square in face with their brutally honest and emotive music. Often inspired from their life and often violent experiences in their home town of Flint, Michigan and on leaving the gig I immediately bought Memoirs of a Murder the controversially brilliant 2014 debut album.

I’ve since impatiently waited for the next instalment of pain and anger to punch its way out of the studio. On September 16th King 810 release their second studio album La Petite Mort or A Conversation with God and my impatience has been well rewarded.

Since forming in 2007 King 810 have often been described as one of the “most dangerous” bands in the world however this description I’ve always felt was misleading, unless you mean dangerous to be refreshingly honest, unashamedly different and unapologetic.

Heavy Lies the Crown sets the tone of the album dragging the listener into aggressive and painful memories of a violent upbringing and it’s with this track we hear the “spoken word” style vocals of David Gunn, think ‘Metal Nick Cave’.

The remaining 12 tracks, including the fuck you Alpha & Omega, the eight minute La Petite Mort which seeps into your soul and drops uncomfortable thoughts “The devils in my bone marrow” and the lounge style Me & Maxine are just a few of the highlights.

To pick apart this album track by track would destroy what has been achieved here with La Petite Mort or A Conversation with God so I encourage you to listen for yourself a brilliant, thought-provoking and painful album.

King 810 have created one of the best albums of 2016, confrontational, candid and agonizingly exquisite.

Score 10/10AATR Approved

Track List

La Petite Mort

  1. Heavy Lies the Crown
  2. Alpha & Omega
  3. Give My People Back
  4. Vendettas
  5. Black Swan
  6. The Trauma Model
  7. La Petite Mort
  8. I Ain’t Goin Back Again
  9. War Time (feat. Trick Trick)
  10. Life’s Not Enough
  11. Me & Maxine
  12. Wolves Run Together
  13. A Conversation With God

Release Date

16th September 2016

Roadrunner Records

Check out King 810 HERE & the album is available to purchase HERE

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Andy ‘Scully’ Davis

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