Korn – The Path of Totality

Korn – The Path of Totality

6th December 2011 0 By Ant


The Path of Totality has released a mixed sense of emotions from Korn fans new and old alike with most depicting the album a shambles and some adoring the new sounds born from demonic orgies with electro and dubstep producers.

The younger new age of rock fans who are growing up with tools such as Reason and Fruity Loops on their pc/mac’s as standard for writing or sampling their own mixes are in ecstasy with this album’s sound for the appreciation of artists Skrillex, Noisia, 12th planet, excision & Downlink, Feed Me, Kill the noise, which by the way these guys know how to wobble your woms and bloat your bass  so hard it may just tear you a new one!

Whereas older fans (myself included) which could simply not turn off that first Korn album you got your mitts on, and you know which one it was, find it confusing but curious as to why Korn are tapping a new niche which to my recollection hasn’t been done before.

Rigorous riffs and precise percussion flow through the veins of this album, marry that with the unmistakable vocals of Jonathon Davies and the bukkake style input of producers and we have something emerging from depths of the grimy basement of Dub holding hands with gods of metal.

I think they chose so many producers to work with to find who receives the biggest applause from the fans and if that’s so my opinion would be to release more material with the upcoming Dnb/Dubstep/Dance artist Skrillex . The former “From first to last” frontman certainly knows how to utilize his tools for crazy new sounds & the tracks featuring him on the album are the ones that i foresee will be blasted in the rock clubs nationwide around the UK .

My opinion, James Shaffer ‘s riffs & Ray Luzier’s tub thumping is probably the stand out plus in what can only be described as a lost sense of direction the mighty Korn may have chosen. Was the path of totality the right path to choose? Maybe, we will see in the not so distant future whether this is the birth of a new era for electrometal/metalstep. Watch this space.

Score: 6.5 out of 10

[box_dark]path of totalityALBUM INFO

Artist: Korn
Album: The Path of Totality
Label: RoadRunner Records
Released: 5th December 2011
Band Website: www.korn.com

Track List:

1 Chaos Lives In Everything
2 Kill Mercy Within
3 My Wall
4 Narcissistic Cannibal
5 Illuminati
6 Burn The Obedient
7 Sanctuary
8 Let’s Go
9 Get Up!
10 Way Too Far
11 Bleeding Out