Kyros – Vox Humana

Kyros – Vox Humana

23rd October 2016 0 By Rich Dodgin

In this day and age of mega-corporations, it’s great to come across an independently produced, engineered and released album from a band who decided to go it alone so that they could have complete control over their music.

Kyros (formerly known as Synaesthesia, whose 2014 self-titled release was critically acclaimed) have been writing, recording and mixing Vox Humana over the last few years and the end result is this ambitious double album of fifteen tracks of progressive / experimental rock music.

Being free from the shackles of a record label has clearly given Kyros a sense of musical freedom, because this album is brimming over with musical experimentation and audio creativity – and yet it all hangs together seamlessly, with beautiful harmonies and aggressive riffs complimenting each other perfectly and resulting in a sonic texture that is a mesmerising work of art.

Not only that, but Kyros have ensured that – despite the wild and creative experimentation – each of these tracks is a damn good song.  Have a listen to the single, ‘Cloudburst‘, and see exactly what I mean – 

This is an incredible album from start to finish – the music has a real depth and maturity to it, and the musical influences (ranging from eighties pop such as Depeche Mode, to modern progressive / alternative rock such as Porcupine Tree) mean each play provides the listener with something new to discover.

If you’re a fan of progressive rock music then you have to get yourself a copy of Vox Humana – it’s as simple as that.

Outstanding !!

Score: 10 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOvox-humana-album-art

Record Label

KMG Music

Release Date

5 November 2016

Track Listing

CD1 / The Maker

01.  Vox Humana

02.  Technology Killed The Kids II

03.  Cloudburst

04.  Persistence of Vision

05.  The Lamb, The Badger & The Bee

06.  New Paradigm

CD2 / The Human Voice

01.  Mind Electric

02.  Speak to Me

03.  Persistence of Perfection

04.  Monster

05.  Hounds

06.  The Darkness Grove

07.  Boiling Point

08.  Ego

09.  Dilate




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