Living Dead Stars – Living Dead Stars Album Review

Living Dead Stars – Living Dead Stars Album Review

21st May 2020 0 By Owen Edmonds

Back in March Living Dead Stars released a self-titled album. The first one with their new line up.

Considered a melodic hard rock band, I was looking forward to listening to the album and finding out about a band that was formed in London back in 2016 but now based in California.

Sadly, I found the entire album disappointing, as a result this review is going to be really short.

My issue is that the album isn’t bad, it’s just dull and lifeless. Nothing stood out from the background, it’s nondescript and bland. Sure it sounds okay from a production stand point, but every album should these days. Maybe that’s part of the problem, it sounds too polished. There is no soul, no personality to the music.

It isn’t for me. However, as always, you should check it out as we all have different tastes and maybe you’ll like it.

Score – 4/10

Track Listing

  1. Redeem Ourselves 5:45
  2. Nightmare 3:37
  3. Checkmate 3:50
  4. Killzone 3:59
  5. In Pieces 4:58
  6. Hopeless 4:50
  7. Escape from Here 4:38
  8. Fallen 5:21
  9. Through the Fire 5:47
  10. Northern Star 4:17
    Release Date
    3rd April

    To purchase a copy of the album, click HERE and for all things Living Dead Stars, click HERE


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